Say “Uncle”…Say It!

From The Daily Kos– by Bill in Portland Maine:

I Give Up

Okay, fine. I’m now willing to believe that Ebola is the #1 threat to the American homeland. You can get it through bodily fluids, shoelaces and sunspots. You can get it from touching a doorknob, boiling a potato, talking on the phone, looking at a map of Africa or living on the same continent as Dallas. Ebola flies through the air, tunnels under the earth, swims across the ocean and replicates itself via 3D printers halfway around the world. Everybody in America has Ebola. Ebola hides under the bed. Ebola is our master. It rules the universe. It is God’s punishment for Benghazi. It is in our beer.

      Clippy the Microsoft paper clip

And if Clippy ever popped up
on your screen, you have Ebola.


I’m willing to believe President Obama personally brought Ebola to the United States on Air Force One and it’s now living in the White House. Ebola is going to take over our homes, our churches (prepare yourself for same-sex Ebola marriage), our factories and our money supply. Any election won by a Democrat is really an election won by Ebola. America will soon be run by illegal immigrants thanks to Ebola. The head of the CDC is just Ebola in a lab coat. Ebola will pave the way for a Russian invasion, but not before it releases all the Guantanamo prisoners (who all have Ebola). And of course Ebola is going to take away our guns.

I’m willing to believe that only for-profit Jeb Bush-run charter schools, fracking, elimination of the IRS and deep-sea oil drilling can protect us from Ebola. Tax cuts, tort reform and mandatory transvaginal ultrasounds will weaken Ebola. But nothing will kill it until we elect Ted Cruz president in 2016.

I’m willing to believe that anyone returning from west Africa who tests negative for Ebola is lying, and they should all be shrink-wrapped and launched into space.

Yes, Republicans, I’m willing to “believe” all this bullshit and more. You convinced me. I’m sold. Now will you please…shut…the fuck…up.


The Stupidity Epidemic



From the Daily Kos, written by Dr. RJ:

About five years ago, during the H1N1 influenza outbreak (a.k.a. swine flu), the Egyptian government slaughtered every pig within the country’s borders. None of the 300,000 pigs that were killed was actually a vector for the disease, but that made no difference. Even while being told by every scientific and medical professional in the world that it would be a waste of time and resources, Egypt did it anyway. And 344 years earlier, during the Great Plague of London, the Yersinia pestis bacteria killed 15 percent of the city’s population, or around 100,000 people. One of the public health measures ordered by London officials was the killing of thousands of dogs and cats. However, since in reality it was the fleas on the backs of rats that were actually spreading the plague, the culling did nothing and removed predators that would have fed on the disease-causing vector. People in the 17th century hadn’t worked out the finer points of germ theory. Those of us in the here and now don’t have that excuse.

Unfortunately, even with all of the advancements and knowledge gained from previous experiences, there is still no vaccine against stupidity.

Over the past month, as the Ebola situation within the United States has taken shape, we’ve witnessed suggested travel bans that won’t do anything to stop the virus, a “czar” appointed to coordinate a response to a disease that has infected a grand total of four people who were at some point symptomatic and within the country, willful ignorance about how Ebola is transmitted and crackpot conspiracy theories that say this whole situation is motivated by liberal guilt about slavery, big pharma profits or population control, and widespread fear and panic that’s closed schools and been used for political opportunism. Every case of a person infected with Ebola, whether here or anywhere else in the world, is a horrible tragedy. However, let’s get real about this. Around 30,000 Americans will die from the flu this year. There will be no appointment of a flu czar or shut down of air travel, and some of the same people freaking out about Ebola won’t vaccinate either themselves or their children against influenza because of cockamamie beliefs about vaccines.

cow pock



How The Ape Brain Assesses Risk

From The Daily Kos:


Or, you can just substitute Ebola for ISIS.  They’re interchangeable to the average Fox News or Breitbart viewer.  And throw in a little IRS, Benghazi, and Obamacare for good measure.  It’s an election year and the GOP is dragging out the old reliable fear zombies of the past that worked so well for George W.’s re-election campaign.

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.



Sex Is In The Heel—with Billy Porter

I dunno, I just love this video of the studio recording session of “Sex Is In The Heel” by Billy Porter from the Broadway musical “Kinky Boots.”


The sex is in the heel even if you break it
The sex is in the heel, honey you can’t fake it
Jack it up ’cause I’m no flat tire
Mack it up six inches higher
The sex is in the heel so just embrace it
From London to Milan
Stilettos are an ism
In red and neon life
Gimme Jimmy Choo, Choo, Choo, Choo, Choo, shoes
New York, Paris, Hong Kong
Live it like an ism
Seduction amplified
The heel is the transmission

Asserting actual scientific reason
Heels tense the leg and the hindquarter region
Lifting the rear and making it appear
Pert and ready for mating season

That’s the scientific view. But you know what I say?
The sex is in the heel
Fierce as you can make it
The sex is the appeal
Kinky boys can shake it

Pump it up Pump it up
Till it’s ostentatious
Funk it up Funk it up
It’s contagious
The sex is in the heel so just embrace it

From London to Milan
Feed that chic hot feeling
In red and neon life
Won’t go nowhere without
M-m-my Manolos
New York, Paris, Hong Kong
Stilettos leave ‘em reeling
Seduction amplified

The heel should hit the ceiling
The heel should hit the
The heel should hit the ceiling

From London to Milan
Stilettos are an ism
In red and neon life
Gotta lotta p-p-p-p-p-p-Prada
New York, Paris, Hong Kong
Live it like an ism
Seduction amplified
The heel is the transmission

From London to Milan
Stilettos are an ism
In red and neon life
Gimme big red boo, boo, boo, boo, boo, boo, boots
New York, Paris, Hong Kong

Male Ensemble:
Watch out world

Watch out world

Here we come!




This is a photo I tinkered with in the Paper Artist app on my Galaxy smartphone.  It’s the Morning Glory growing on our fence in the backyard.  I love how the vine looks like hair cascading around the metal sun face mounted to the wood.

So, of course, I’ve had the lyrics to the 60’s show “Hair” floating through my brain.  I actually saw the West Coast production at the Aquarius Theater in Los Angeles, probably some time around 1967-68.  Groovy, man.  And they did come out into the audience, as in this video.  But we weren’t as “Tony” as this crowd.  :)



Headlines We Won’t See Today

From The Daily Kos:  

Police shout obscenities, point guns at angry tea party protesters

Ferguson police release incident report on Michael Brown death

Bundy ranch militia members arrested for pointing weapons at police

Newspaper headline regarding Dwight Eisenhower's farewell speech

A headline we did read 54 years ago.

Rick Perry presidential prospects brighten

George W. Bush sees irony in crying out in agony as water dumped on head, threatening ability to breathe

Caligraphist runs out of room while listing Eric Cantor’s achievements as House majority leader on grain of rice

More Democrats than Republicans booked on Sunday morning shows

ISIS leaders smarter than a fifth grader

Cows admit role in global warming, form climate task force

Saturday Night Live expected to be the same without Don Pardo

Majority of Americans agree: summer going by too slowly


Fighting Words from Rick Perry

From The Borowitz Report on The New Yorker:

AUSTIN (The Borowitz Report)—Lashing out at what he called the “Soviet-style” tactics of the indictments against him, Texas Governor Rick Perry said on Tuesday that the government had “grossly overstepped its traditional role of mandating transvaginal ultrasounds.”

Speaking to supporters in Austin, Perry blasted the indictments and called for a return to an era of limited government that focuses on requiring gynecological procedures.
“We are living in dark days indeed when the state of Texas is spending time and money probing its officials instead of its women,” he said, to thunderous applause.