“C” Street Shenanigans

By now everyone has heard of the newly infamous “C” Street men’s group in Washington, D.C., where Gov. Mark Sanford, Sen. John Ensign, and probably others whose names are legion, lived and held their regular “Bible study” sessions—wink, wink, nudge, nudge.  These fellows have taken to heart the belief that they are the chosen ones, powerful men who have been given that power directly by God, not the electorate. 

On his endless apology tour, Gov. Sanford likened himself to King David of the Bible, who had sex with Bathsheba and then had her soldier husband sent to the front so he could be conveniently killed off. 

(Maybe David should have sent him hiking on the Appalachian Trail instead.)

Wah, wah!  Sorry, Gov. Sanford, your analogy was a nice try, albeit an incredibly narcissistic one.  As a consolation prize, please accept our home version of  the “So You Think You’re Special” game and this lovely parting gift of an artist trading card done in your honor.  Enjoy….


2 thoughts on ““C” Street Shenanigans

  1. C street is truly a dead end… what a bunch of losers!! The gubnah’s apology tour – :):) it’s a shame the MSM didn’t think that one up themselves!! What a headline banner that would have made!:) The card is great!!:)


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