Pledge Allegiance to the Nation of Pinheads













Joe the Plumber, meet Katy Abrams.  This is the gal who confronted Arlen Specter about health care at a town hall meeting in Pennsylvania.  She was a guest tonight on Hardball with Lawrence O’Donnell as the host.  She is real America, folks.  Uninformed, uninterested (until the “other” guy gets into the White House) and unbelievable.  She could get all the way through the Iraq war, warrantless wire tapping and all the other Bush-trocities to the Constitution without being “awakened”, as she put it, until the health care boogeyman raised his head.  How convenient.

When O’Donnell told her no one would be taxed for health care unless they made over $250K a year,  she coyly tossed her curls, giggled and admitted that she didn’t know how much her husband made because “he handles all the bills.”  (Oh, Miz Scarlett, I don’t know nuthin’ about finances!)  How reminiscent of Joe the Non-plumber’s fake answers to Obama during the campaign.

When asked if her parents had Medicare (to prove the point that we already have socialized medicine) Katy said her parents didn’t yet, but she thought we should do away with it.  Ms. Abrams went on to say that the Founding Fathers didn’t have Medicare in mind when they wrote the Constitution so she thought America should go back to the good old days of “people helping each other when they needed help”, like church missions did. 

Okay, Ms. Abrams, if your mother or father have the misfortune to develop cancer at some point in the future (God forbid), do you really believe that your church or your neighbors are going to kick in for their care?  No, I think not.

On another, similar, note—I received a newsy little email from my Congressman Critter today.  It contained the usual crap about his opposition to health care and then this little tidbit that griped my ass: 

After saying that the Democrat’s plan expands the “worst parts of our current system”, he went on to say that also meant “…..more government intrusions into the most intimate decisions many of us will ever make—those about life and death.”

Oh, pulleeeze!  I promptly emailed him (probably the only person to do so who wasn’t a Republican) and told him to quit trying to scare the old folks with this claptrap.  There are no “death panels”!  They are a figment of Sarah Palin’s mind.  If we’re going to debate health care issues, let’s do so with real issues, not hallucinations.

So, Katy Abrams and Congressman Critter– you win my “Smells Like Bullshit to Me” award for today. 

Thank you for playing, and please, don’t come back.


12 thoughts on “Pledge Allegiance to the Nation of Pinheads

  1. That was a thing of beauty. My Congress Critter is as annoying as yours. John Carter is a Birther. As in he’s one of the Representatives who’s co-sponsoring the House bill to require candidates for higher office to provide a birth certificate before they can be certified to run for office.

    And don’t even get me started on John Cornyn.


  2. Saw the interview. (cringe)

    Like you, I’ve also wondered why, if it’s so bad, they don’t stick to the REAL facts that might bother them instead of, as Miz Sarah P would say, “makin’ stuff up.”

    Last time we sat around saying that surely logic would prevail, darned if they didn’t put us in a war.

    You’re the artist, let’s start with something to wear. . . what should it be a red X ribbon? That says it all doesn’t it? (sigh) The screamers are wearing guns and I’m thinking a nice ribbon.

    Hey, wait. . . ! You surely aren’t thinking your politicians are as bad as Carolina politicians are you? I’m sure we’d win in the “under investigation” derby.


  3. PS. Sorry–it’s me again. Forgot to tell you that Jon Stewart had footage of Ms. Abrams at the meeting and also later interviewed on FOX.

    This may get you there.

    If not, go to The Daily Show website. The segment is called PR. (It’s Episode 14110)

    While you’re there, watch the interview with Jeff Sharlet, author of The Family. People ought to find that bunch WAY SCARIER than anything in health care bills.

    Thanks for the link. 🙂


  4. Wow, what a wonderfully refreshing spot this is! I’ll definitely be back for more.

    Poor, poor Katy – at least she and Bleck can have a good cry together. The little twit can’t understand why everyone is so mean – maybe because you’re a LIAR, Katy!

    Maybe she should think more about commandments and less about amendments for a while.

    So glad I found ya’ll,


    PS I’d love to link to your blog – my readers are kindred spirits.


  5. Frumpzilla–How kind of you! I’d very much appreciate the link to my blog . I’m putting you in my blogroll as well. I need all the kindred spirits I can get—Thanks!


  6. I’ve found gold mines and hit the motherload with you ladies! If you hadn’t posted to the Frump Gazette last night, I would not have found your blog! Going to pass these sites on to everyone I know. Thanks… On Katy Abrams: I too was ashamed and saddened at 1) confirmation that lazy minded sheople like KA show their ass and negative IQ (too lazy to be properly informed and thus unskilled in rational thought and forming one’s own original concepts based on facts); 2) mainstream media’s display of even lower intelligence by pandering to the likes of KA!

    I’m turning OFF TV news for good and turning ON my focus to blogs such as these and, truthdig, etc… Thanks again and I will be a regular visitor!


  7. I too am glad I hit the random blog button in WordPress. Such great articles are written here.

    The whole healthcare issue in the States really sticks in our throats here in the UK – we’re being dragged in as political pawns and being paraded as everything that’s wrong with ‘socialised’ healthcare. In fact, it’s infuriating us.

    The likes of Glenn Beck (I really choke at the mere mention of that despicable excuse for a human being) is rounding in on us and our system, dragging us through the muck with them. This is the guy who last year said that the existing healthcare in the US was appalling, but now sits on the other side of the fence since he moved network.

    I notice that they bring the UK and Canada in to describe everything that’s wrong with free personal care. Yet, they don’t bring in any other country. Most of, it not all, of Europe has free healthcare. Countries like France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and many more have fabulous systems of free healthcare, but they aren’t mentioned anywhere, because it would harm the Republican cause.

    Our system is nowhere near perfect, but every single person has the right to treatment. Our waiting times have dropped dramatically, especially in Scotland, where the Scottish and not the UK govt has control of health. I think it’s astonishing that the richest nation on the planet has one of the worst healthcare records and some of the poorest people in the world – coming in at 53rd! They have a flaming cheek to talk about our system.

    If people don’t want to wait for treatment here, they can take out health insurance if they so wish. I know I did when I could afford it, but I no longer can, and I’m thankful everyday that, should I fall ill I will be guaranteed treatment. It may not be as good as having health insurance but it’s nowhere near as bad as Medicare is. I’m sure that if free healthcare was introduced in the US, that those who don’t wish to wait would carry on paying for health insurance, because they can, whilst those who can’t afford it will be safe in the knowledge that they will receive treatment no matter what!


  8. I thought it particularly galling when the Republicans made the statement that Stephen Hawking would have been deemed “unworthy of health care” in the UK and consequently would have been dead by now. Those people are so dumb, they weren’t aware he was British and had received excellent care from the NHS, even as recently as a month ago—until he told them as much.

    Keith Olbermann on MSNBC said the Republicans must have been confused because Hawking’s electronic voice device didn’t speak with a British accent. HA!


  9. Hahaha that wouldn’t surprise me in the least!

    I saw that the Republicans used a British women, who had suffered cancer, for a recent advert on the NHS, and completely twisted her words. She was on the BBC news saying she was furious and that if it wasn’t for the NHS she’d be dead. They just make things up for the sheer hell of it.

    You can’t get away with stuff like that in the UK at all. It would never get aired. You can’t imply that someone’s the devil and play Camina Burana over the top – not on the news and not on the adverts. It’s mindboggling that they get away with it.

    Then you see all those idiot people crying when they’re being interviewed, saying “this is not my America”, and “we don’t want to turn into Russia”. We crack up with laughter when we see people crying over stuff like that!

    The worst thing is, this is sent out to the world and this is how we see the US. You must hang your head in despair at this!


  10. Yes, I heard about that ad. Typical, unfortunately.

    I want you to know that I created a new post using your excellent comment about healthcare within the body of the post. I felt it was too important and salient to let it be hidden in the comments section. Thanks so much for your insight—I do hang my head in despair, but continue to hope for the best!


    • I’d be glad for you to post my comments if it can help inform and make people see through the lies that are being told about free healthcare.

      I, for one, sincerely hope that this will be passed into law and free personal care will be available to every person regardless of status, and give some dignity back to those who need the most help.


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