Guns ‘n Moses

What is it, really, with the American obsession with gun ownership?  Or even guns in general.  I live in a rural area of Texas and I understand the whole hunting tradition thing that’s been a part of this state forever.  We even have a “take an orphan hunting” program (or something similar) in this county.  At church during hunting season they have a “hunter’s blessing” Sunday, where they devote much of the service to wishing godspeed to the hunters (but I suspect it’s also to wish good profits to those folks who own hunting leases, too.)  Hunting and the conventional rifles that are attendant to that pastime are ingrained in the fabric of the community.  Okay, I get that.  But….

The big “but” (other than my own) is this:  Why in hell does any American need an AK-47 or semi-automatic assault rifle?  One does not go deer hunting with that kind of weapon unless one wants to splatter deer carcass all over the landscape. 

No, that type of weapon was made for killing people….lots of people, quickly. 

Today in Arizona near where President Obama was appearing, “a man, who decided not to give his name, was walking around the pro-health care reform rally at 3rd and Washington streets, with a pistol on his hip, and an AR-15 (a semi-automatic assault rifle) on a strap over his shoulder.”  This is the third such incident in the space of a week or so.

When asked why he was armed, he said “Because I can do it.” 

We have laws against women showing their nipples in public, but a man can prance around with loaded deadly weapons in close proximity to the President of the United States because “he can?” 

What is wrong with this picture?  What is wrong with this country?  The Christian majority supposedly worships the Prince of Peace, but don’t you dare take their assault rifles from them or there’ll be hell to pay. 

My son-in-law is currently in training at the police academy and will be graduating before too long.  He will be an excellent police officer because he’s smart and has great people skills.  Our town doesn’t have a big crime problem (yet) but I still fear for him because these weapons are out there and often are used against the very men and women who have devoted their lives to protecting us. 

People who scream about their Second Amendment rights are the same ones who make a big show of “supporting our troops,” and police officers.   If they really cared, they would “get” that these weapons weren’t foreseen by the Founding Fathers and how they would be used against our own people.

In that vein, here is an ATC I did several years ago (one of my first) that features my husband when he was a boy.  He knows and understands rifles, having learned from his rancher grandfather to have a healthy respect for what their purposes are and for what they can do if not handled properly. 

However, he is not gun obsessed and shares my view on assault weapons. 


6 thoughts on “Guns ‘n Moses

  1. That about sums up my views on gun control.

    I have no real issue with people owning handguns and hunting rifles. My daughters are in Venturing Scouts and we’ve participated in Shooting Sports Day run by the the local NRA. They’re all about gun safety and I actually kind of enjoy target shooting.

    That said, that’s all the support the NRA will get from me. They’ve gone off the deep end more than once over assault weapons and more. Our constitutional right to bear arms was written and envisioned long before modern weaponry was created that was designed to kill people and nothing else. No one in their right mind is going hunting with an AK-47.


  2. When someone I now decided to homeschool her kids, she tried to find a group to join for play, activities, etc. When they sent her the information on their group, they included information on their weapons policy. Some of the parents objected to having weapons brought into the hosting houses, so please lock them in the car or truck.

    Totin’ to a playgroup!


  3. I love your poster! I live in the UK, and as such, over here we really don’t/can’t get to grips with the whole arms thing at all. We think the whole thing is bonkers. We don’t worry about walking down the street with the possibility of being shot at. It’s true there have been shootings, but it always involves drugs or armed robbery or some such crimes, and the number of deaths is ‘negligible’. I use that term loosely – not to diminish the few deaths there are. If there’s a shooting, it makes national news because it’s just so serious.

    We have hunting here of course, especially here in Scotland where they ‘have to’ cull deer, which is done in organised hunting parties, and as such is extremely restricted. Even at that though, we still aren’t happy about who can own a gun, even with strict controls.

    We also don’t think anyone has a god-given right to own or bear arms, and pull the second amendment out of the hat. That’s an incredible arrogance to us. As you say, the constitution was written long before automation and mechanization of mass industry. They certainly didn’t imply that people should be able to own machines that are more than the equivalent of cannon in their day – being able to kill many people at once. There is talk of a constitution over here but many many people don’t want it because so many of the wrong people would hide behind it. I also know that many here think far too many people are protected because of their so-called rights in the UK. It’s a huge issue. What about the rights of the injured and innocent party? Where do they come in? It’s nice to see that there are very sensible people in the US, who abhor the very idea of anyone being able to walk into to any liquor or department store and buy a weapon of mass destruction!


  4. Heatherslalaland—Thanks so much for your comment! My daughter-in-law was born in Scotland, so I can appreciate what you’re saying about the views of those in the UK regarding guns and gun ownership.

    I think the whole arms thing is bonkers too. To me, someone who is attending an event for President Obama while packing weaponry might as well be flaunting a noose—it’s that offensive and wrong. I wish the Founding Fathers had taken the day off instead of penning the Second Amendment. Thanks again!


  5. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is shown here, and I watch it every night, as it gives a great insight into the political system in America. I’ve learned far more about the US from that in a few months than I have in my entire life. We don’t approach it with the same bias obviously since we don’t live there. However, my husband and I were appalled when we saw that guy parading with a gun right outside where President Obama was speaking. We thought it was madness. How can anyone with a gun get anywhere near the President? Not only is it offensive, it’s downright dangerous! I guess many people there would love to see Obama being killed, thus dethroning the ‘antichrist’. It’s a very sad state of affairs.


  6. We have fewer guns than you, here in Canada, but we still have too damn many. I can accept hunters with rifles, but beyond that, forget it. The more gun control the better.


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