A View of the U.S. from “Across the Pond”

I received this wonderfully insightful comment today on my post “Pledge Allegiance to the Nation of Pinheads” from Heatherslalaland who lives in Scotland.  It gives us a great perspective on how the people in the UK view the healthcare battle in the U.S. and the lies of the Party of “NO” that seem to be shaping that battle.

“The whole healthcare issue in the States really sticks in our throats here in the UK – we’re being dragged in as political pawns and being paraded as everything that’s wrong with ’socialised’ healthcare. In fact, it’s infuriating us.

The likes of Glenn Beck (I really choke at the mere mention of that despicable excuse for a human being) is rounding in on us and our system, dragging us through the muck with them. This is the guy who last year said that the existing healthcare in the US was appalling, but now sits on the other side of the fence since he moved network.

I notice that they bring the UK and Canada in to describe everything that’s wrong with free personal care. Yet, they don’t bring in any other country. Most of, if not all, of Europe has free healthcare. Countries like France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and many more have fabulous systems of free healthcare, but they aren’t mentioned anywhere, because it would harm the Republican cause.

Our system is nowhere near perfect, but every single person has the right to treatment. Our waiting times have dropped dramatically, especially in Scotland, where the Scottish and not the UK govt has control of health. I think it’s astonishing that the richest nation on the planet has one of the worst healthcare records and some of the poorest people in the world – coming in at 53rd! They have a flaming cheek to talk about our system.

If people don’t want to wait for treatment here, they can take out health insurance if they so wish. I know I did when I could afford it, but I no longer can, and I’m thankful everyday that, should I fall ill I will be guaranteed treatment. It may not be as good as having health insurance but it’s nowhere near as bad as Medicare is. I’m sure that if free healthcare was introduced in the US, that those who don’t wish to wait would carry on paying for health insurance, because they can, whilst those who can’t afford it will be safe in the knowledge that they will receive treatment no matter what!”

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this, Heatherslalaland. 

Wish you were here!

6 thoughts on “A View of the U.S. from “Across the Pond”

  1. I would like to correct my mistake that most of Europe has free health care – they all have it. In fact America is the only country in the Western world not to have free healthcare for all. Also, if we have an accident, we are taken to the nearest hospital, regardless of wealth. We don’t have our policies checked to determine the level of treatment allowed, which in turn determines which hospital we should go to. We do moan about our health system, but we also know that we are extremely lucky to have it!

    The real issue in the US appears to be that certain people don’t want to pay taxes that will benefit others. To me it smacks of the Land of the Greedy, not the Land of the Free. If people are really concerned about where their taxes are going, they should look to the 56% that is spent on defence and the military, and the propping up of invented and phoney wars, rather than the pittance it will cost each person to pay for healthcare.


  2. Can I just give you an update on this matter and a very personal take on this? I hope you won’t mind but I felt it necessary to make this statement.

    My dad was taken into hospital last night. He has been suffering from horrendous headaches, something he never suffers from, and he saw his GP yesterday afternoon. The GP was very concerned about a bleed from the brain and referred him immediately to hospital. He was offered an ambulance but my didn’t didn’t want to take up time and resources and said I would come and collect him and take him there. Upon arriving at hospital last night my dad was taken immediately into a private room and the nurse came in and did various tests, then carried out a very comprehensive questionnaire on all aspects of his health. Shortly afterwards a neurologist came in and carried out a swathe of tests on him, checking for a stroke or haemhorrage, and sent him for an EKG on his heart, chest x-rays, and various other tests that I can’t recall the name of. The neurologist said that he didn’t think there was any neurological damage from the tests, but to be on the safe side he would have an MRI scan anyway.

    The consultant saw him this morning and said he would go for other tests but said that everything look good so far, and if everything came back clear he would be safe to go home. I said to the nurse last night that I was amazed at the speed and comprehensiveness with which they were dealing with my dad. As far as I can see they have carried out every test (and extremely expensive ones at that) in the book, including tests on his brain, heart and lungs. My dad said the staff have been brilliant and couldn’t have done a thing more – this from a man who detests nurses, doctors and hospitals.

    It never really dawned on me until today, but this is the NHS at its best. This is free healthcare for all. My dad can’t afford private healthcare. He has lung disease and as such can’t work, so this is his only lifeline. If my dad was living in the US, he could possibly have died because he couldn’t afford treatment. I, for one, am proud that we have this horrendous, Nazi-ist/Communist, socialised system!


  3. Thank you for the update! I’m sorry your father was ill but I’m very glad he received the excellent care he did. This is why I don’t understand all the people who are raging against healthcare reform.

    It has been pointed out recently that the big insurance companies are making their employees go to the town halls and forums to protest reform—they even give them sheets of “talking points” to use! I think many Americans are being duped by corporate interests such as these and by Republicans who want the President’s agenda to fail at any cost, even if it’s to the people’s detriment. The word “Nazi”, especially, has been thrown around way too freely when referring to a possible program that is going to be for the GOOD of the public. That was not Hitler’s intention, by a long shot. If you haven’t already, please check out my post “Death Threat from a Vet”. I’m still steamed over that one.

    Thanks again and all the best to your Dad!


    • Thank you for kind words. My dad has to stay in overnight, as they’ve discovered that his potassium levels are low and have to give him potassium intravenously but it’s looking good about his headaches, thankfully. There doesn’t appear to be any brain damage, but he’s waiting for results from further tests.

      I read about the insurance companies. I also read that the insurance premiums are getting ever higher. It will then be the middle classes who will be affected and consequently could lose their homes and jobs, if employers drop healthplans for their employees because they can’t afford it or they have to reduce the size of their workforce. Either way it’s bad news for the majority – not just on matters of health but in every aspect of their lives.

      I will certainly read your other post.


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