DeLay’s Inner Lady

I’ve had a request for a cartoon about Tom DeLay’s antics on “Dancing With the Stars”, but I think this ATC (artist trading card) I did a while back says it all. 

Mr. DeLay has stated he’s trying to access his “feminine side”, which he emphatically insists is quite dormant and draws the line at wearing any pink.  Mmm hmmm…..right, girlfriend. 

This particular ATC features a quote from Zippy the Pinhead, another great American.


One thought on “DeLay’s Inner Lady

  1. Did you see something in the tarot cards that prompted you to make and have ready such a gem? 🙂

    I think DeLay used a few of those poses in his dance.

    His mama must be proud. He’s a better dancer than he was a congressman and that’s not anywhere near being a compliment about his dancing.


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