And Yet Another Virtual Paintout

Stop me before I Google again!  Here is another entry into this month’s Virtual Paintout for Belfast, Northern Ireland.  You can see an enlarged view on the website by clicking on the picture. 

Shankill lanarkin2


3 thoughts on “And Yet Another Virtual Paintout

  1. Thank you both! Yes, I was pretty amazed to see them myself. It was a group of about four or five coming down Lanark and going around the corner on Shankill. The thing was, when I tried to get a better view of them, they would disappear because that part of the road was photographed on a different day! So I had to combine two of them that were actually further apart.

    I think I’ve seen more of Belfast this way than if I’d gone there in person, but it was worth the “driving” to find great subjects like this.


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