November Virtual Paintout

The Virtual Paintout for November is Nova Scotia. 

Canada is a very cold spot in the winter, so what better Google street view than Pinky Skoopmore’s ice cream stand in Bedford, seen here in the summer. 

On the website you can click on the photo for an enlarged view.  Yummy!


6 thoughts on “November Virtual Paintout

  1. It is indeed yummy, Melissa — I love your style! As I was streetview-walking around Nova Scotia to find something to paint, I saw several scenes that looked like your kind of material — hope you’ll paint several as you did in Belfast.


  2. Thanks Charlene! I did notice, though, on the Virtual Paintout site that he’s limiting submissions to three per artist now. Blame that on me. I think I went overboard last month with five. I hope to do one more of Nova Scotia. I love your paintings too—they’re really great.


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