Nov. Paintout #2

Because I went a wee bit overboard with my entries into last month’s Virtual Paintout, I’m atoning for that by just entering two into the paintout for November. 

This one is 66 Ochterloney St., Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.   As with the others, you can click on any of the photos on the website and that will allow you to see an enlarged view of the paintings.






10 thoughts on “Nov. Paintout #2

  1. Hi Melissa. What a lovely composition here. It looks like a young man is about to leave town – the whole family seems to be waiting for the bus or a cab… well done!


  2. Hey missy, what’s your connection to Nova Scotia? We lived there for almost six years and I know it well! 🙂 The Big Brothers Big Sisters office was on Ochterloney Street and we volunteered there, so I was on that street often!


    • Natalie–I’ve only been to Nova Scotia “virtually”, via Google street view for the Paintout. I wanted to find a view that had some interesting people in it and I just happened to stumble across this family sitting on their porch (waiting for something or someone, it appears.) I kind of like visiting the grittier parts of the cities that are chosen, or at least locations that are unusual.

      I have been to British Columbia (we almost moved to Smithers back in the ’80s) but Texas is as far “east” as I’ve gotten—so far!


  3. this is the painting that got me to do an entry for the virtual paintout. I like how you did the ‘grittier’ part of the city. I was going to try and do these giant oil refinery factory things but it was too hard so I just did a boat.


    • Thanks, Chris. What I especially like about the Virtual Paintout is that artists of all abilities are welcome. I’m certainly not on the same level as the other landscape artists, but I think it’s fun to show different types of views. Thanks for stopping by!


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