Whiplash inducing quote of the day from Sarah Palin’s new tome Going Rogue:

(Palin) pretends no particular familiarity with the Middle East, the Iraq war or Islamic politics — “I knew the history of the conflict,” she writes, “to the extent that most Americans did.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa…wait a cotton pickin’ minute.  This is the woman who would have been a heartbeat away from the Presidency and she’s admitting that she shares the same amount of knowledge about these extremely important and volatile areas of the world as the average “Joe Six-Pack”? 

For my part, I want someone sitting in the White House who knows a helluva lot more about everything than I do, not as much—or God help us—less. 

How many “average” Americans can even find Iraq on the map, much less know the history of its conflict?  Yet this is a mere technicality for Palin.  No biggie.  She’ll just do a quick skim of a position paper on the way to her inauguration.  What’s all the fuss about?  You liberal-leaning-media types are always carping…..

To this end, I dedicate this ATC to Sarah Palin and her non-existent desire to learn more about the world outside of her little bailiwick—Alaska.


10 thoughts on “Palin-tology

  1. I sure agree with having somebody who knows something in the WH and for that matter all of government. Neither party has a clue. Not one. After wasting my most recent vote on the “winner,” I’d like to propose putting a dike around Washington, filling it with Napalm, and hiring pyromaniacs to guard it.


  2. Unfortunately, there is no point in that — not that you meant it literally anyway. The only reason Washington is filled with idiots is that we elect idiots to represent us. Fry this batch, and we the people will only elect another batch.

    We are caught in a vicious cycle. Both parties have found that they can prosper not by governing, but by handing out their particular flavor of crack cocaine to their particular base of voter-addicts.

    The problem isn’t the political parties. It is us. Until we decide to rise above Beck/Olbermann politics, and elect serious, thoughtful leaders, this will continue.

    For what it’s worth, I do see Obama as a serious, thoughtful leader. Sadly, we asked him to work with huge majorities of dumb-ass Democrats in Congress.


  3. Sandy and Center Square: thanks for your comments. I appreciate y’all stopping by.

    Speaking of dumb-ass Democrats, you might enjoy my Lieberman cartoon, “Little Joe”. It’s in the post index.

    By the way, I see on that Palin’s book has been discounted 69% down to a price of $9.00—even before its release.


  4. Good grief, I saw the line outside the bookstore in Grand Rapids this morning and almost croaked. Waiting 12 hours to meet Sarah Palin and get her to sign their book. Are they NUTS? Let’s hope it’s because they think they can sell it on e-Bay and not because they hope to vote for her one day. Gives me the shivers to think about it.

    Why don’t we just elect Kate Gosselin and be done with it?!


  5. Mary—I saw an ad last night on teevee where you could get a copy of Palin’s book for $4.97 if you subscribed to a right-wing magazine. Pretty soon they’ll be giving them away free with every purchase of Viagra.

    Ian—Exactly. Even if Dubya was a dim bulb, at least he didn’t whine about everything.


  6. Let’s face it, though – she was running for Veep, not Prez… and the guy who was elected as Prez had no more knowledge of the Middle East. If you will recall : that was the justification of selecting Biden as the Veep nominee.


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