Palin’ Around with Excuses

One of my favorite blogs is Margaret and Helen right here on WordPress. 

Helen is an eighty-four year old gal from Texas who has more political smarts and all-around intelligence than the whole Republican party plus the Tea-baggers combined. 

Currently Helen’s trying to wade through Sarah Palin’s “book”–Going Rogue

Here is an excerpt from that tome and Helen’s trenchant comment on it:

Consider the following excerpt from the book which refers to a State Trooper who pulled her over for an illegal joy ride on a snow machine:

“It was Christmas Day; we were out in the middle of nowhere, a couple of kids on a snowmachine up against a big dude with a gun and a badge. I couldn’t help but wondering about his priorities, if he really didn’t have more important things to do, like catching a bad guy, or helping a poor old lady haul in her firewood for the night. Looking back, maybe that was my first brush with the skewed priorities of government.


And that, dear Margaret, sums up my issue with Sarah Palin and so many others like her. They are so quick to look for the “bad guys” in everyone else never seeing the one staring back at them in the mirror each morning.

Boy, has Helen hit the proverbial nail on the head. 

My son-in-law is a newly sworn in peace officer in our small city and has been on the  job for about two months now.  Already he has encountered people just like Palin who feel they are entitled to special treatment for reasons only they know but are unable to articulate; yet they somehow still consider themselves above the law.

One traffic stop involved a man who didn’t make a complete stop at an intersection well known to be one of the more dangerous ones in the city.  (He not only didn’t stop, he sailed through at 40 miles an hour near a school zone.)   The man sarcastically asked my son-in-law if he should get out and walk around the truck at a stop sign to prove that he had stopped long enough.  Unrattled, my SIL responded with “Whatever you’d like to do, sir” and proceeded to ticket the offensive offender. 

Another stop was for a truck that had a broken tail-light.  Usually this would have resulted in just a warning for the driver, but upon checking the truck out, SIL discovered the inspection stickers for the truck (necessary in Texas before a car can be insured) AND his vehicle registration both had expired a couple of years ago.  The driver asserted that he drove this truck only on his ranch (but was caught driving it on public streets), so he didn’t need stickers or registration.  Wrong on all counts.  This jerk went on to ask SIL if he was a “rookie” cop because the ones in Houston, where he was from, wouldn’t have ticketed him.  Uh huh.  Right. 

Why is it Palin is always making excuses (or making up excuses) for herself?  Police officers, State Troopers, sheriff’s deputies, etc.,  put their lives on the line every day.  It’s predictably emblematic of her to complain about the way the trooper was carrying out his duty so she could pull the focus away from her wrongdoing.  In other words, it wasn’t illegal until she had the bad luck to be caught by the trooper.  He’s the one to blame.

For the life of me, I don’t understand why someone so anti-government would even want to run for the second highest governmental office in the land as she did. 

But again, losing the election had nothing to do with her short-comings. 

It was someone else’s fault.  Naturally.

Do us a favor, Ms. Palin—stop making crap up.

5 thoughts on “Palin’ Around with Excuses

  1. My mother gave me Palin’s book (about 400 pages) for Christmas and she has already asked me if I’ve read it. I have yet to find out (and really don’t care) how Palin went rogue but know my mom will follow up. Maybe by not reading it, I can go rogue myself…

    Thanks for adding my site to your blogroll.


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