Culvey, the Internet Celebrity

Wow!  Was I surprised today to get an email from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) letting me know that my cat, Culvey, was being featured on their website.  I had submitted his photo and a brief “bio” about him to the HSUS “Pet of the Week” contest they administer.  Every week a pet that has been rescued in some way or adopted from a shelter is featured in their email newsletter.

This article for December is called Home for the Holidays.  (Click on the link to go to that page.)  There’s a photo slideshow you can scroll through to view the pets whose corresponding stories appear on the page.  Culvey is the second photo–and a very handsome fellow he is too, if I do say so myself.

Please consider adopting your next pet from a shelter and, as always, please spay or neuter your pets.  Help prevent pet overpopulation, which always leads to the tragedy of euthanasia for unwanted animals.

Culvey says “Thank you!”


4 thoughts on “Culvey, the Internet Celebrity

  1. “Mr. Relaxo”. And this was the kitten who hid in the corner when we first brought him inside! Actually, he has his brother, Roadie, to thank for being found. Roadie stood out on the road and directed us to their hideout in the culvert. I think we should have open season on people who dump kittens and puppies off like that….


  2. Thanks, Natalie! This is his favorite pose. He also likes to sit on my lap when I’m at the computer. All of our many dogs, and now cats, from over the years were rescues too. We always said there must be some sort of invisible sign out on the road that said “Suckers for animals live here.” 🙂


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