Speak Up, You’re Mumbling!

Conversation with my 90 year-old mother in the dermatologist’s waiting room today:

 Mother:  “It sure would be nice if they had some music playing here while we wait.”

Me:  “They do.”

Mother:  “Are you sure?  I don’t hear anything.”

Me:  “That’s because you’re deaf.  If they had the music cranked up loud enough for you to hear it, everyone else would be driven out of the room.”

Mother:  “I’ve told you, I’m not getting hearing aids!  They don’t work and they’re expensive!  I keep getting ads in the mail all the time for them.  Did you have the company send them to me?”

Me:  “No, I didn’t have them sent to you.  I get them too—they send them to everybody who’s over a certain age.”

Mother:  “Well, I don’t need them.”

Me:  “Fine.”


Mother:  “What are they playing?”

8 thoughts on “Speak Up, You’re Mumbling!

  1. Ohmylordohmylordohmylord. I am laughing out loud in between my tears.

    I have so been there. Aren’t they something? My Dad is 97. He had shoulder pain for a month and we all kept telling him to take Tylenol. And he would say ‘No.’ Just that. ‘No.’ Finally there was a trip to the doctor’s office. The doctor said take some Tylenol. So he did.


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