Corsica Paintout #2

Since I’ve sworn off politics, I’ve found that it had been a huge time suck in my life.  I spent way too much time checking in on Huffpost, Politics Daily, Politico and the like when I could have been doing something more productive—like plucking my eyebrows or flossing my teeth. 

That being said, since I have more time on my hands now, I had no excuse not to do another entry for the Virtual Paintout for January, located in lovely Corsica this month. 

Ever since I’ve been doing these I thought it would be fun to paint people waiting at a bus stop and was always on the lookout for some interesting characters.  I happened upon a couple of ladies at a bus shelter at 10 Cours Napoleon, Ajaccio, Corsica  and although I’m sure I haven’t done them justice, at least I’ve gotten my bus stop fixation out my system for now.  haha

Click on the image for an enlarged view, and be sure to click on the link above to visit the Virtual Paintout site to see all the amazing art from other artists from around the world who have met “virtually” to paint Corsica this month. 

3 thoughts on “Corsica Paintout #2

  1. This is fun – I was actually looking for people in Corsica, but I didn’t find any!
    I know how you feel about poitics. I used to compulsively search the same sites you mention, and lately I seem to havelost interest.


    • Thank you so much for your comment! I love the paintings you’ve done for the Virtual Paintout. Yes, it takes a lot of “driving” around on street view to come up with interesting folks to paint. That’s why I mainly stick to the city streets–that, and the fact that I’m a highly UN-qualified landscape painter! 🙂

      As for politics—meh. It’s not worth the raise in my blood pressure at this point. Thanks for stopping by.


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