Feb. Paintout: S.F.

So, the Virtual Paintout for the month of February is the San Francisco bay area.  What a lot of opportunities there are there!  Bill Guffey (the genius mastermind behind Virtual Paintout) has drawn the boundaries from Santa Rosa in the north, to San Jose in the south and east to Antioch.  That is a lot of territory in which to find subjects to paint and draw! 

That being said, I knew exactly where to find my first location: 

48 Grattan St. in the city of San Franciso

This is where my husband and his two brothers and their mother lived.  The house is a three story “flat,” and the family lived on the third floor while his grandparents lived below them and were the owners.

I did the painting from Google street view showing how the house looks today.  But as a twist, I included a drawing from a snapshot of my husband and his family out in front of the house on Easter Sunday in 1952.  (There is actually more of the house next door showing in the snapshot, with its arches and columns.) 

My husband was amazed at the size of the trees on this street now.  When he was living there, the street had few trees and the ones that were there were quite small.  What a difference almost sixty years can make!

8 thoughts on “Feb. Paintout: S.F.

  1. Its a beautiful illustration Melissa! I like the ‘then and now’ concept and the heartfelt emotions which go with it. 1952 must be a long time ago! Amazing to read about that!


  2. Thank you, Peggy! I had it easy finding my first choice for the Paintout, but there is so much to choose from in the Bay Area that picking a second street view will be like going to a wonderful buffet and not knowing where to start. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. What a terrific idea! I LOVE that!!! I’d have expected your husband to say it looked smaller than he remembered it, but I guess trees don’t fall into that “looked smaller when I was a kid” category, since they keep growing.

    That would be a very strange sensation.


  4. Thanks, MerrilyMaryLee—We got to visit the home of his other grandparents once many years ago after they were long gone and that was a strange sensation. He did get to tell the current owners what a certain switch was for on one wall. (An attic fan, I think. They had no idea and were glad to finally find out what the heck it did!)


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