Is This Man Tone Deaf or Just Dumb?

“A day after a suicide bomber struck an IRS building after penning an anti-government manifesto, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty took up the theme of violence against the state — albeit in a metaphorical way. He joked that the most important event going on in America on Friday is Tiger Woods’ impending press conference. “We can learn a lot from that situation. Not from Tiger, but from his wife. So she said, ‘I’ve had enough.’ She said, ‘No more,'” he said. “I think we should take a page out of her playbook and take a nine iron and smash a window out of big government in this country. We’ve had enough.”

Plane crash

I live about 70 miles away from Austin where this terrible act occurred and followed this story over most of the day yesterday.  The man who perpetrated this crime against Americans had posted a long rant on his website where he vented his anger against the government in general and the IRS in particular. 

One of his statements was that he’d “had enough” and violence was the only answer.  How can Tim Pawlenty be such a clueless, tone deaf clod to suggest, merely 24 hours after this tragedy which took the life of one innocent worker and could have taken the lives of many more, that what people should do is “smash the window of big government” because “we’ve had enough”? 

This is a man who aspires to be Commander-in-Chief calling, even in a “joking” manner (isn’t it always that), for violence as the cure for governmental woes.  Only a day after a disturbed and angry man did just that. 

I’m frightened by idiots like him who cavalierly joke about revolt and violence against the very government they say they want to serve.  Don’t they realize there are many, many other nutcases out there who are just teetering on the brink of a mad rage like yesterday’s rampage by Joseph A. Stack? 

Pawlenty and his friends in the Republican party think if they throw enough red meat to the crowds and get people worked up enough, those people will abandon their Tea Party affiliations, have a “come to Jesus moment” and return to the GOP fold.

There are a lot of angry people out there in this country looking for somewhere to release that anger. 

Didn’t Pawlenty learn anything from Oklahoma City?

 Timothy McVeigh would be proud.

5 thoughts on “Is This Man Tone Deaf or Just Dumb?

  1. Amazing, isn’t it? For eight years, criticism of an administration which took us to war, engaged in torture, misled not just Congress, but the entire world, plunged our economy, put religious extremists in position of power even as they slammed other religions was considered “aiding the enemy” and even treason,

    Now it’s “patriotic” to not only speak out but commit violence against the government? Good grief. The sane Republicans better stand up and be counted. The President didn’t take over by a coup. He won–a majority. THAT’S called a Democracy. What Pawlenty is encouraging is an insurrection. Sad…and insane.


  2. It’s not just Pawlenty – that kind of talk is more frequent and most frighteningly, it’s not just the Glenn Becks doing it. It’s governors, senators, people who are supposed ot have a brain.

    Texas, was thinking about you Friday and – since it’s all always about me – was hoping to hear from you on my post. I don’t usually blog whore, but you’re the only person I know from Austin!


  3. You know, I was just reading this post again – pissed me off more than the last time I read it.

    [Timothy McVeigh would be proud.]

    That’s a brilliant line; why couldn’t a Democrat think of saying something like that?


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