Sayonara to S.F. Paintout

I felt I had to squeeze one last painting in to the Virtual Paintout for February.  The location this month was San Francisco, with a plethora of possibilities to choose from for painting sites.

While cruising around Golden Gate Park, I came across the Hagiwara Tea Garden, a very lovely spot.  This doesn’t do it justice but I think it gives the feeling of a peaceful Japanese setting.

8 thoughts on “Sayonara to S.F. Paintout

  1. Thank you, bmj2k! This painting is a little less than 8″ x 10″ and done with acrylic paints. The Japanese lady wasn’t in the Google street view but I thought it “needed” someone like that to round out the scene.


  2. Just wanted to respond here, away from prying eyes.
    I am dancing the dance of victory since McElroy was voted off the SBOE.
    I worked as part of the TEKS team to update the Social Studies TEKS last year. This guy was a total bastard and need to be burned at the stake.


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