Yackk! Get Over It!

This morning at 5:00 am, National Hairball Awareness Day arrived a little early.  That joyous day usually falls on April 30, but my cat, Culvey, (and his digestive system) couldn’t wait to get the party started.  


I heard him yackking and flew out of bed to make sure he wasn’t depositing his celebratory gift on the rug in the living room.  No, instead he was leaving it on the rug in the kitchen.  After cleaning up the results of his revelry, I went back to bed, only to have the party animal jump on my chest and attempt to plant a big smooch on my mouth, not unlike a drunken husband returning home from a bachelor party in the wee hours of the morning.

Since today isn’t the official day for hairball awareness (although I was extremely aware of it at five in the morning) I wondered what special treat March 9 held in store.  This day must have some kind of designation to set it apart from the other 364. 

I went on trusty old Google and discovered a list of various celebrations and awarenesses that have been bestowed on most of the days found on our modern calendar. 

Guess what?  In an amazing tie-in to hairball awareness (one that could only have been cooked up by a conspiracy theorist or Glenn Beck) today is :

National “Get Over It!” Day

And, it even has its own poem!  Courtesy of www.getoveritday.com:



Plus, today is also Barbie Day and Panic Day.  (Been there, done that.)

Tomorrow is Registered Dieticians’ Day, maybe something my cat could profit from.

And, if you think National Hairball Awareness Day is gross, just be glad I didn’t include a link to the Cat Butt Museum.


2 thoughts on “Yackk! Get Over It!

  1. Yech! After this post about your cat hacking up hairballs and mine about my dog bringing in dog poop to for a late night snack, the Humane Society must be so pleased to have us spreading the word about the joys of pet adoption.

    This one is a gem. Love the picture! I was sure you were joking about the cat butt museum…! How do you FIND this stuff???


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