No “Apolgy” for Stupidity

You may remember my post last week about the rained-out Tea Party protest in our town.  Well, it seems some protesters did manage to endure the rain long enough to stand on the street corner in the main part of town with their “tasteful signage” (read: no photos of President Obama as Hitler, but apart from that, anything goes). 

Unfortunately, they also displayed their ignorance of spelling, as evidenced by the large sign being hoisted by the idiot lady patriot in front.

“No apolgy”? 

I’m sorry, (not really) but when I saw this photo in our local paper yesterday, I laughed my ass off.  Even though this area is a hotbed of Republicanism, the editor of our paper (thank you, Lord) doesn’t seem to be of a same mind and often publishes editorials that cause much rending of garments and gnashing of teeth among the Conservatives.  He must really have gotten a hoot out of this photo. 

I’m sure he’ll catch “hail” in the Letters to the Editor next week for intentionally publishing this….um….unflattering photo.  I love it.

It’s hard to imagine there wasn’t someone in that crowd who looked at the sign and thought “Hmmm…..somethang ain’t right here.”

But then again, these were Tea Party-ers. 

Could they be any more stupid?

16 thoughts on “No “Apolgy” for Stupidity

  1. “Don’t massage my ghandchilden’s future!” ?? Oh wait, I think that’s just out-of-focus, not misspelled.

    Alas, they could be more stupid. And they could be wearing white hoods. I’m waiting for it.


    • Ha! “Don’t massage my ghandchilden’s future!” It does look like that, doesn’t it? It says, “Don’t mortgage my grandchildren’s future.” Where was this guy when Bush was pouring billions down the Iraq war rat hole and lying to us about WMD?

      The white hoods are there, you just can’t see them…


  2. I’m sure ya’ll know about the poll that found that most teabaggers are educated, white, married males over the age of 45 who identify themselves as Republicans.

    You know, they’ve got to be pretty smart to put the uneducated, ill-informed, financially-challenged lower classes to work standing around in the rain doing their live protesting for them. But, historically, that’s how they handle most of their agenda.


    • The thing with this bunch (and a large percentage of the Tea Party-ers in our area) is they are mostly older, retired folks who are getting Social Security and Medicare, but insist they want “the government off their backs.” I’m sure the irony is lost on them….


  3. Ya know, Texas, you’re just not showing enough respect for their ‘point of view’. There must be a good dozen of them at that protest – attention must be paid!


    • Ha! The paper reported that the Tea Party group put the attendance for the speeches, etc. at 700. Uh huh….The real draw must have been the free hot dogs and soft drinks they were offering, not to mention the entertainment by the local polka band.


  4. First of all, I love your blog icon. I just saw you over at Trailer Park Barbie’s blog, and jumped over because I am a white trash gal myself.

    On to your post – dear lord, these people kill me in Michigan. I used to work next door (as a former civil servant) to a place where they’d gather, in all their splendid idiotic glory. Your post cracked me up because it brought back great memories of my own. When will people learn to use spell check when making signs. Then again, I do forget to hit it myself when blogging on ocassion, lol.

    Nice to “meet” you girl!


    • How true. What I can’t get past is how there wasn’t one person in the crowd who noticed the error. Can’t anybody spell anymore? Spelling was really stressed in the schools 50 years ago and with all the older folks in that crowd there surely must have been someone who could have spotted it. Maybe they were too doped up on statin drugs and beta blockers…..


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