Immigrants: Part Deux

Here are a few more photos to go along with my original post “We Are All Immigrants.” 

This slightly unhappy child is my Grandfather, Harold, when he must have been around 5 or 6 (I'm guessing). He was born in 1892 and little boys didn't get their first haircut until much later in those days. He's wearing his "Little Lord Fauntleroy" suit and is definitely not pleased with the whole thing. I have seen that expression on my daughter's face many, many times when she was little!

This is a lock of Harold's hair from when the golden curls were finally cut off! My mother had kept and treasured it and a few years ago gave it to me at Christmas time, along with one of the many little dolls my grandmother had made during her years as an invalid. The doll measures just barely 2" in length (not counting the the ribbon she's suspended from.) This scan doesn't do justice to the handiwork that went into her creation. The stitches are very tiny, and so is the beadwork. I have both keepsakes in the same box they came in when my mother gave them to me. Just a little something tangible from Grandma and Grandpa...

This was my Dad, Jack, when he was probably about the same age as my Grandfather in the photo above. No Fauntleroy suit for little boys in this era. It's replaced by a sailor suit, making the posing experience much more comfortable, as evidenced by Dad's sweet smile.

I find this photo particularly poignant. I managed to date it to Dec. 25, 1942 from the headline on the newspaper my Dad is reading. He would be going into the Coast Guard soon to serve during WWII. He had the opportunity to get a job at a factory that supplied the war effort and essentially sit out the war safely at home, but he wouldn't do it. He didn't feel he could face his children if he didn't "do his part." My Mother (on the right) is about 2 or 3 months pregnant with my older brother. My Grandmother is on the left, lost in thought. This scene could be a Norman Rockwell painting.

And here we have little ol' me! At least I had enough hair here to support a ribbon. My mother used to Scotch Tape a bow to my head when I was first born because I had so little hair...LOL! So this baby is going to be 63 this week, huh...

9 thoughts on “Immigrants: Part Deux

  1. Another really special one, Birthday Girl. The doll, the pictures. . . so touching, even to someone who’s never met your family.

    You looked capable of mischief even then…!


  2. the family photo from christmas, 1942 is breath taking! what a treasure! thanks for sharing these – and here’s to a rockin’ good time on your birthday!


  3. More fantastic photos! I love your Dad’s blonde curl and Little Lord Fauntleroy suit (ugh, can you imagine a little boy trying to play in that?!)

    The shot of the family is amazing… Norman Rockwell indeed.

    And a VERY HAPPY birthday to you this week!!!! You were an adorable little girl.


  4. I love looking at people’s old family photos. These are great – particularly your grandfather and your family group. I could colour one or two of these for you, if you’d like? It’s a hobby of mine (that one day I hope to do semi-professionally). There are some examples here and here and lower down this post.



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