A Memaw’s Job Is Never Done

Going back to the grandkids’ tonight for another “sleep-over” since their Mommy is still in N.C. on a business trip and police officer Daddy has to leave for work tomorrow by 5:30 am.  I’ll be with the kidlets all day again and then Pappy and I will take them to Dairy Queen for our usual mid-week dinner date. 

Yeah, I know, it’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

I saw this kid’s “To Do” list on Huffington Post and thought it illustrates my schedule perfectly:

7 thoughts on “A Memaw’s Job Is Never Done

    • Charlene, one day my granddaughter and I were just doodling around with her watercolors and I copied a Van Gogh self-portrait (the one with the straw hat). My daughter saw it and tacked it up in their entry hall. Everyone went nuts over it. I think it’s funny because I did it with a kid’s paintbrush that had just a few hairs left and a palette of three or four dried-up pan watercolors. Ya never know!


  1. Funny–I saw some watermelon ice pops on the Kitchen Witch’s blog that sounded yummy. I may use this list myself.

    Don’t know what the temp is there, but your daughter isn’t getting any breaks, weather-wise, in NC. MUGGY here!

    Our oldest daughter ate her weight in peanut buster parfaits at Dairy Queen when she was growing up. I’m a blizzard fan, myself. 🙂


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