Oh, Mama!

Who among us has never told their spouse that they’re sounding or, worse yet, acting just like one of their parents?  (Usually the mother, but sometimes the father.)  I don’t hear that too often, but when I do….boy howdy, them’s fightin’ words. 

I love this cartoon, so I created a Mother’s Day card with it for my mother-in-law. 

Inside it said “It could be worse…he could have turned into his father instead!”

She got a big kick out of it because she and my husband’s father were divorced many years ago, and he was not what you’d call a family man.   Now, aged 91, she has outlived her “ex” by almost ten years.  More than a month later, she still has the card displayed on the mantel over her fireplace.  Ha!

4 thoughts on “Oh, Mama!

  1. Love. It. Your M-i-L sounds like a wonderful gal!

    When i have a hard time throwing something away, my children say “OK, Granny!”, referring to my Mom (the hoarder). That usually gets me to fill a dumpster. Or two.


  2. Genius!

    I’ve lived most of my life with an identity built around all the ways I’m NOT LIKE MY MOTHER! At 62, the I’m finding my physical and psychic resemblances to Mom undeniable. She’s taken over my spacesuit and is broadcasting out of my mouth. Since she died in ’01, I’m perversely both pissed at her for her persistence and glad to see her. And I’m walking around mumbling apologies to myself all the time.


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