GOP Says: Oil, Schmoil

Whiplash inducing quote of the day from the GOP during the House questioning of BP’s Tony Hayward on the Gulf disaster:  

“But Rep. Parker Griffith, R-Ala., offered counterpoint to the waves of criticism of BP.

He suggested that cigarette smoking, not the BP oil spill, was the nation’s worst environmental catastrophe.

“This is not going to be the worst thing that’s ever happened to America,” Griffith said.

As of Thursday morning, the BP well has gushed between 66 million and 120 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, based on government daily spill rate figures.

Absolutely, Rep. Griffith!  It’s all those discarded cigarette butts floating ashore that are creating this catastrophe.  Why, just yesterday I saw a Pelican with a Virginia Slims hanging out of its beak.  Shocking, just shocking…

8 thoughts on “GOP Says: Oil, Schmoil

  1. I need to know if you consider Texas to be a southern state. If it was…if you did, rather…then you would be immediately invited to participate in a fabulous group blog made up of Southern female liberals. Some of whom already think you’re fabulous. But, if it’s a Texas thing and you’d rather chew rocks in the parking log of the trailer court than think of yourself as a Southerner, we who have been insulted will understand completely.


    • Hail yes, girl, it’s a Southern state! I’d be honored to join your fabulous group. As I say in my “About me” page, here in Texas I’m surrounded by Republicans, Evangelicals and cats, and the only ones I have anything in common with are the cats. Count me in!


  2. Republicans. . . Evangelicals. . . sounds pretty southern to me! Texas certainly has enough idiots in Congress to put them right up there with the Carolinas. (Hello, Joe Barton!)

    By the way, someone pointed out this morning that if the Repugs take control of Congress again, he’d be head of Energy and Commerce. Holy moly, how scary is THAT?!!!


  3. What made me sick during the questioning was all the poiliticians, on both sides, jockeying each other to get their sound bites in to show their constituents back home just how tough they were. It was like beating a dead horse after awhile. The same point was made over and over, just with different poiticos lining up to get their picture taken.


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