The Secret to Staying Thin

I was standing in line at the counter of the mini-mart where I get gas, waiting to pay for my fountain drink.  If you keep the foam cup from your initial purchase (mine was a 44 ouncer) they let you get refills for just 88 cents as opposed to the regular price of $1.50. 

 Hey, I’ve always said I was cheap so don’t look so surprised.

There was only one person in front of me, a girl of about 19 or 20, blonde, fairly tall (which is relative since I’m only 5′ 3″), and quite slim.  She didn’t have anything in her hand when I got in line behind her but, somewhat impulsively it seemed, she reached over and grabbed a little bottle of 5 Hour Energy drink, the kind they keep prominently displayed right next to the register. 

I always thought the only people who bought those were balding overweight truckers who were trying to stay awake on the long haul from El Paso to Houston.

Then, she said something to the clerk, who turned around and grabbed a pack of Marlboro cigarettes from behind her and plunked it down next to the bottle.  I think the combined total of her purchases came to around $8.00 and change.

She paid for her items and headed for the door.  I paid for my industrial strength drum of Diet Coke/Diet Dr. Pepper custom mix and did the same. 

I passed her on the way out, standing with, I’m assuming, her boyfriend at the back of the store.  He was about her age, height and build.

So, now I think I know the secret to staying thin:






…..ought to just about do it. 

Don’t you think? 

5 thoughts on “The Secret to Staying Thin

  1. Sure as hell would work for me! In fact, I believe it DID for way too long–just sub the half-gallon of Diet Coke (Tab?) for the energy cocktail, throw in some Jane Fonda Workout addiction, and there you have the secret of my success.


  2. There are chairs and tables outside our grocery store deli. So often the chairs are filled with teens and college kids, all of whom are smoking and all of whom are drinking “high energy” drinks. I never see them with food.


  3. My drink is 75% diet Pepsi 25% regular Pepsi, someitmes with a dash of cherry.

    As for the energy drinks, frankly they scare me- I’m sure my heart will burst out of my chest if I drink one.


    • Oh, that sounds like a good combo too. I don’t like Coke in the can but for some reason it’s a lot better as a fountain drink—must be the syrup/carbonation ratio. And some places are better than others. My little mini-mart seems to have just the right combination. It’s the big things in life….


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