Eat, Pray You’re Fast Enough to Order

Thanks to my good friend Nance over at Mature Landscaping, and also of the fabulous new blog HEN’S TEETH (of which I am a member– *flash promo sign* here), I was off on a wild goose chase this afternoon to acquire the hot book of the nano-second “Eat, Pray, Love:  One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia”, which inspired a new movie with a considerably shorter title starring Julia Roberts.

The book came out in 2006, but being the slow-witted individual that I am (and also the cheapest) I merely read the reviews and didn’t get around to reading the book itself.  I must say, the reviews were what are often euphemistically described as “mixed.” 

Either you loved it or it left you cold, according to the critics.

Now, with all the hoo-ha surrounding the movie, apparently interest in the book has reached a fever pitch.  And I got it bad.

The first and, for me, the cheapest route to reading EPL was to check it out of the library.  Wrong.  I went online to check availability and found it was out until the 18th.  No problemo.  I can wait for it to come back in. 

But I overlooked the new feature on the library’s website which allows you to put in a request for any book that is currently out and they’ll hold it for you. 

When I looked at the requests for EPL, there were already five

At this rate I’ll be able to read it sometime around Halloween.  Provided other people don’t get the drop on me and put in their requests first. 

This appears to be the pattern of the day, as we shall see.

I was at Walmart (where else—my second home) later this morning and saw that they have the paperback edition for $12. 

I don’t think I want to read it that bad.

When I got home I looked at various websites like, Barnes and Noble and eBay; all sites where you can get good used copies.  EBay had some up for auction, but the bidding looked competitive and the end dates for the auctions were about a week away.  I needed instant gratification.

So I went to Barnes and Noble and found some used ones from $2.79 or thereabouts plus shipping. 

I kid you not—while I was deciding which seller to choose, the books were snatched up right under my nose! 

At least three of them in quick succession.

So I went to over to, my favorite book site, and damned if the same thing didn’t happen—even after I’d selected one and was actually in the process of check out! 

Someone must have had a faster internet connection than I did. 

Let’s face it.  Ben Franklin had a faster internet connection.

So I hurried back to the marketplace seller’s list and frantically clicked on one who’s here in Texas.  The book was going for $3.99 plus $3.99 shipping. 

Mercifully, that order went through.

All I can say is—it better be good. 

If not, I’m tempted to buy this parody from the distaff side:

What do you want to bet they make a movie out of this one too?

10 thoughts on “Eat, Pray You’re Fast Enough to Order

  1. I hope you like the book more than I did after all you’ve been through to get it. While the writing style is very good and some parts of the book are interesting, I detested the character. Now I’ve enjoyed many books in which I didn’t like the main character, but not this one. I thought she was a whiney, spoiled woman who was far more fortunate than most yet wallowed in self-pity. I think the movie might be good, but put me in the “leaves me cold” category for the book (in case you hadn’t figured that already). It was our book club selection not long after it was published and the feelings among the readers were polar opposites, although most of them really liked it. Interestingly enough the few of us who did not like the book had never been divorced. Perhaps that changes one’s perception.


    • Thanks for your assessment of your experience with EPL! It pretty much coincides with what the more negative reviews had to say.

      I read one today by a writer who was a colleague of hers who says she conveniently omits the fact that she was given a hefty advance to write the book, which gave her the opportunity to take a whole year off to travel. Nice work if you can get it!

      If I don’t like it, I can always turn around and sell it on Amazon. But with my luck, by that time the boom will be over. 🙂


  2. i’d be more inclined to read the parody book, which is probably more attuned to my current lifestyle! my daughter is reading EPL, so rather than buy it myself, i’ll borrow her copy…


  3. Was not expecting that last shot! So funny… and so true!

    Put me up there in NCMW’s category. I enjoyed reading about Italy and might enjoy the film just for the scenery.

    I have gone on those frantic hunts, too. Last year I wanted to order some H is for Holy Crap notebooks for friends. Ended up having to order two of them from England because they kept getting snapped up before my eyes. (Who’d have thunk it?!)

    Can’t wait to hear what you think of the book now.


  4. Thanks for the double-click shout-out, dearie!

    I listened to EPL on iPod, rather than reading with my eyeballs. Few novels work for me in audio, but this one did. It might be because I’m crunchier than the average chick–had all that yoga/meditation/flat shoe thing going on heavy at the time, before my woo-woo genes went off-line on me.

    It was lightweight entertainment and that might be the problem: because it is so hyped, folks expect it to beat the socks off Jonathan Franzen or, my fave, Ian McEwan. It doesn’t. It’s memoir-lite.

    So, DH and I went to the movie yesterday when he finished ironing and some gal tried to make the moves on my husband, just ’cause he was at a chick flick! Well, okay, to be technical, she was expressing gratitude for helping her kids pass AP Calculus in high school, but still…I had to put some moves on her right back.

    Came home to check the fabulous Comments on my blog and…what’s this? A Malware Warning! Utter panic ensued for about 3 hours until, employing my skills as a superheroin, I vanquished that bad little bugger. And nobody who visited got jinxed, either. So, please, try again.

    P.S. Thoroughly fun movie. Javier Bardem will melt your heart. No Oscars. Who cares? DH really liked it, too. Sorry for novel-length comment. Loveyabye.


  5. I liked the book very much, but I read it before the hype got out of control. I liked her book “The Last American Man”, too. I thought “Committed” was worth reading. It could never live up to the hype of EPL!

    I have no desire to see the movie because I’m not a fan of Julia Roberts!


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