A Pox on Thee

I read today where 12 out of the 17 Duggar kids who haven’t escaped are still living at home had been ill recently with chickenpox.  All at the same time. 

Gee, there’s a surprise. 

Why would anyone expect the parents to do the right thing and have their children vaccinated for this completely avoidable childhood illness? 

Surely not I. 

Michelle Duggar believes God wants her to crank out baby after baby, so I guess to her it’s only fitting that those same kids should suffer some of the diseases He’s cooked up over the millennia. 

(But not any farther back than 6,000 years, mind you.)   

If every sperm is sacred, then every virus should have its day too.

On that blending of the ecclesiastical and the biological, I’m re-posting a cartoon I created when the Duggars announced the birth of their 19th child.

10 thoughts on “A Pox on Thee

  1. ‘every sperm is sacred’ is one of my most favorite songs ever! love your cartoon – and it brings to mind the late Bob Barker, and his signature sign-off from “The Price is Right” — “Please control the pet population, have your dog or cat spayed or neutered!”


  2. Wait until the bubonic plague makes an appearance. That should take care of the Duggars!

    More reasons I have no time for religion: it is often used as a license to pump more babies in an already over-populated world, and of course North American babies leaves the biggest environmental footprint of all.


  3. I love being out of the loop; it means I didn’t know about the Duggars. Having been introduced, having checked out their website, I regret knowing about them now. Underlying all the ills of the planet is overpopulation. We were being warned about it in the seventies, but we’ve gotten almost nowhere with the problem. Churches have been the biggest obstacle to progress in this country. Natalie’s so right.


  4. Well, if I’m going to confess anywhere, it may as well be here. On occasion, I have secretly watched the Duggars in their strangly fascinating world. The most compelling is when they go visit their special friends who themselves have 12 or 14 and are working hard to catch up with the champs. It’s like rubber necking, except in secret.

    But what’s with those girls and their hair?


  5. In the spirit of full disclosure, I was an avid watcher of the Duggar Family. A strong part of my motivation was purely research based (I began watching while in a Women Studies focus group at NYU). Another part, endless curiosity. I am single, 24, career focused New Yorker who has a hard time putting my self in Mama Duggars position. Let alone realizing the cost of rent for 12 children in Manhattan, not a possibility.

    I admit, her children are beautiful and radiant but there comes a point when you have to become practical. Viruses can creep into immune systems and cripple young people without warning. I will not go as far as claiming child endangerment but I will say there is an apparent lapse of judgement.


    • JessicaLauren, thank you for your thoughtful comment!

      As a mother, grandmother, and former health professional, I get particularly riled up when people like the Duggars rely on others who immunize their children so they don’t have to. I watched the “chicken pox episode” the other night and was appalled at the way the older girls are delegated as mothers to the younger kids. They laughed because “Dad” was clearly out of his comfort zone when it came to taking care of sick kids. I guess he only knows how to make ’em…


  6. Read a wonderful comment when they ‘only’ had 17 or 18 kids: “It’s a uterus, not a clown car”

    She’s gonna keep havin’ ’em because it’s what God wants her to do. The fact that the latest was very premature, has serious medical issues including an allergy to her breast milk…some people might think these things might be a hint from God…


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