5 thoughts on “It May Take a Village…

  1. Snorg! Nice juxtaposition. Pretty good chiaroscuro, too…that’s an art term, right?

    Did I see somewhere on a blog today that he’s canceled his hate-a-thon or was that wishful thinking on my part? Fellow looks like a genyous, don’t he?


    • Somehow this whole thing got conflated with the Park51 project in N.Y. It didn’t start out that way AT ALL. There was no connection between his proposed book burnings and the Islamic center. Now, in his demented mind, he says they promised him to move the center if he calls off his event.

      This so-called “pastor” (read: nutcase) has become one of the most powerful men in the world right now. I shudder to think how someone who should be so insignificant can suddenly be wielding so much power over all of us.


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