12 thoughts on “Sorry, Wrong Number

  1. I’ve heard that Thomas is Mr. Friendly around the water cooler, Mr. Taciturn on the Bench, and, obviously, Mr. Angry Grumpy-Face Asshole to us little people. There’s never been a Supreme whose wife takes a public leadership role for a political party and loves to dial drunk, so Ginni is setting precedent! ‘Course there’s never been a Supreme who was accused of sexual harassment. History in the making.

    You nailed it: we just KNOW Clarence was breathing in the background!


  2. This may come back to bite Ms. thomas on her tea-stained ass, being up to the neck in tea parties politics like she is. More stories coming forth to back up Ms. Hill’s testimony, including a Washington Post story that they were ready to publish an investigative piece with video store records, etc., but he was confirmed, before they could get it out, so they dropped it.

    Another awful legacy, compliments of the Bush family. Bleh.


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