Baby, You Can Drive My Car

Consider this tidbit from the Associated Press this morning:

Within 15 years more than one in five licensed drivers will be 65 or older, the safety board said. Their number will nearly double, from 30 million today to about 57 million in 2030, according to the Government Accountability Office. 

Older drivers who are healthy aren’t necessarily any less safe than younger drivers. But many older drivers are likely to have age-related medical conditions that can affect their driving.

Perhaps this ATC may help us “boomers” look on the bright side!

12 thoughts on “Baby, You Can Drive My Car

  1. I remember when my mother-in-law figured it was time to stop driving when she mistook the accelerator for the brake.

    I can’t talk too much. I’m a hair over 65, so my time’s a’comin.


    • Yikes! Fortunately, we convinced my mother to give up driving at age 89 before something bad happened, but it wasn’t without a fight on her part. She’s 91 now and still says “If I had my car…”

      Yeah, Jerry, I’m a few hairs under 65 and my daughter is already dreading the battle!


  2. We have so many retirees living here that I’m sure we already have far more than average number of older drivers. While some of them are perfectly fine, there are others who brake going UP HILL, and will slow down and hit the brake every time another car is approaching from the opposite direction. And do you think for a moment they ever see the “slow traffic” turnouts? Not a chance. Especially bad are the summer folks, specifically the “Floridiots” driving their huge Cadillacs or Buicks. GRRHH!


    • Same problem here. There was a 90 year-old woman who hit a pedestrian in the crosswalk and dragged her for 20 ft. until people on the street got her attention. Fortunately the pedestrian lived, but was hospitalized for at least 6 months.


  3. You’re a genius with those ATCs. Love it!

    My FIL is still driving at 83. He’s actually not too terrifying, but he has trouble getting in and out of the car so you have to wonder….


    • Thank you, Natalie! Coming from such a wonderful artist as yourself, that is high praise indeed!

      We live in an area with a large population of older folks, so I know what you mean. Limited range of motion is one of things cited as putting older drivers at risk.


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