Oh, the Irony!

I found out recently from a cousin of mine who used to be a professional genealogist that I’m distantly related to George H.W. Bush and, by some huge cosmic joke, to his son, Dubya.

I told my cousin how ironic it all was, given my political persuasion, and said I would much rather be related to President Obama instead.

Upon hearing that, she laughed and said that could be a real possibility too, since Obama’s mother was born in the same county in Kansas as my father.

There’s always hope…


9 thoughts on “Oh, the Irony!

  1. If you could trace the dual lineage? You could spend a week doing the morning news programs… and perhaps write a book… then host your own podcast… star in your own reality television show… i say, go for it!


  2. I found you via Mature Landscaping. Love Your Blog!!!!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA..Jaysus..you poor sot..da Bush family eh?

    I am related..thankfully only by marriage to Richard M. Nixon.

    I read The Big O’s SOTU earlier in the day and decided he was gonna toss us under the bus and wouldn’t watch the carnage live. sigh…


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