13 thoughts on “America’s Shame

  1. It is one of our worst moments as Americans. It’s surreal to see this happening in 2011. Today, I hate the racists who did this.


  2. Hi –

    I agree totally! But I guess we will always have idiots (Trump) with enough money to promote themselves, and a media that feeds on this, rather than the really important issues.

    One of the issues I feel is important, that the media ignores, can be read at:

    Click to access Rant_on_Economics.pdf

    By the way, how could you get through the doorway with all the hair you had at your prom?


  3. Wow. Comparing Trump to a Klans man? I find that disgraceful. While I think Trump is a circus act, I do not believe he has a racist bone in his body. Racism is a harsh term, which literally means one feels his/her race is inherently superior to another. Nothing Trump has done has indicated that to me. Having said that, the disgrace Americans – AMERICANS – show to all of our Presidents is extensive.

    The President of the United States is disrespected with every joke told on late night television. Every President. The President of the United States is disrespected all the time. Every President. President Obama is no different. The disrespect is awful – regardless. Period. This is not a race issue. Every President has had to prove himself worthy in some way, shape or form. Every President.

    Trump the equivalent of a Klans man? Don’t continue to watch the circus on the sidelines, Folks. Keep your eye on the ball. The United States of America is facing its greatest financial crisis. Start talking and focusing on that fact, and ignore the circus act.

    Of course, all of the above is my opinion only. Thanks.


    • Thank you for your comment, Lenore Diane.

      But, “Every President has had to prove himself worthy in some way, shape or form?” I still hold that no white President would have been asked to produce his birth certificate(s) to prove he was an American. As Baratunde says, it’s akin to poll taxes and literacy tests for African-Americans and that, in my opinion, is a disgrace.


      • Arnold Schwarzeneggar ran into issues with his US citizenship when he ran for Governor of CA. Born in Austria, he was a naturalized citizen. Still, because he was ‘foreign’ his entry into politics created friction.

        I don’t believe it is akin to poll taxes and literacy tests. President Obama was a State Senator prior to running for President. President Obama was elected by the people within the State of Illinois and then by the people of America. President Obama was not prohibited from entering a diner based on his color. President Obama was not told he could not drink from a certain water fountain. In my opinion, to say the birth certificate nonsense is akin to the civil rights issues in the 60s and earlier is a slap in the face to the people who were alive and actively living within the racial restrictions.

        Allowing ourselves to be drawn in to the ridiculousness of the made up controversy, prevents us from moving forward.

        I love to debate. My apologies if I offend.


  4. I think it is completely about racism, and some guy on CBC radio today had the same opinion (I forget who is was, sorry!) I actually was a bit disappointed that he gave in and produced the certificate, but I guess the incessant crap was wearing him down. But those losers will just call it a forgery anyway…

    And Trump is definitely a racist nutjob.


    • I find it amusing that Bobby Jindal, the governor of Louisiana, released his birth certificate today—no one was asking for it, by the way. It seems that his mother was three months pregnant with him when she came to the U.S. from India with a “green card”—so, doesn’t that make Bobby an “anchor baby” like the GOP has been complaining about? Hmmm…..


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