15 thoughts on “Lord Have Mercy

  1. I’m not sure if I’m suicidal because I have yet to be published and Bristol Palin has, or if I’m more confident that any story I eventually finish should be easy to get published considering there’s this kind of crap out there.

    A donation to Planned Parenthood is definitely a better investment of $25. Just think, if Sarah Palin’s mother had gone there for free birth control… we would have missed out on so much hilarity.


  2. I can’t understand why anyone would be interested in her book. But then, I can’t understand how Perry got elected governor either. Sigh…


  3. The table I’m looking at as I write this has much more interesting tales to tell than a mindless, irresponsible child such as Bristol Palin. So does the rock I’m looking at right now. And the pot of basil. And then there’s the ant over there. What the hell is wrong with publishers? No integrity from them nor from politicians and their spawn.


  4. i thought the Justin Bieber autobiography – at 16 – was bad. he devoted an entire chapter to “why i love pizza”. but this one is somehow worse… yes, donate to PP.


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