5 thoughts on “More, Please, Sir…

  1. You’re describing my gym experience to a TEE! I had to quit going. We did have five screens, one of which was usually tuned to CNN, which offered some relief, but I had to turn my head into a painful position to ever see that one from any one of the recumbent bikes I was able to ride.

    Mr. Mature has a scheme he’s been putting into play lately. Wherever he is, including the circuit room at the same gym and, especially, doctor’s office waiting rooms, he insists that MSNBC be turned on for a bit for the sake of balance or…better…he just makes the switch himself if he can reach the controls or find the remote. His argument is impeccable: “If I have to listen to theirs from time to time….etc.” Quite often, when we return to the scene of the channel switch, even weeks later, it’s been left on MSNBC because the staff can’t be bothered to change it again and most people don’t complain. There’s a message there.


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