17 thoughts on “The New Texas Rain Gauge

  1. That is a sad situation for your lack of rain there. Seems as if all those ‘Prayer Rallies’ — if they are working at all, must have been sent to Utah. LOL In the past week or so, we have had three (3) awful Cloud-Bursts — each lasting more than a usual cloud-burst of only a few minutes at the most.

    These were at least ½ hour or longer, causing slight flooding in our drive-ways. Nothing terribly serious, since as soon as it stopped and the sun came out, a lot of the water was directed into the proper drains, and all else was dried up by the very sun. YAY!!

    I will be hoping we can share any(all) future bursts of rain showing up here, with all of Texas – they really need it, sounds like and – SOON!!

    Have a good one — BJF


  2. but don’t you worry, come AUg. 6th Rick has got a whole bunch of people that will be praying for rain or else praying away the gay.
    I get confused.


  3. Hey, I heard that there is a tropical storm which might be headed toward TX. If things go right for your gov, it will hit the day after his little rain dance exercise. If there is any karma in the world, it will either hit the day before or will take a 90degree turn the day of that party.


  4. When we lived in Texas, the state always bragged about having the biggest of everything. I sure hope they don’t end up with the worst and biggest drought in history!


  5. Hang on, honey! Help is on the way and his name is Don!

    Not a good name, actually. One of my husbands was a Don and I can’t see or hear that name without the mental image of a sawed-off shotgun blowing up a watermelon. May this Don do less harm and just dump on you, rather than try to destroy you.


  6. Maybe Gov. Good Hair will get off his hypocritical knees long enough to beg some more of that government assistance that he hates so much for Texas. Even though the man is an asshat no one deserves your nasty drought. Its been a pretty dry summer here in Ohio too. But I’d like to take this opportunity to send our governor to your beautiful state to hold a bucket out in the scorching sun, 24/7 and on holidays—until it rains. We won’t miss him.


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