15 thoughts on “Best. Tweet. Ever.

  1. Bwa-hahaha! Perfect!

    I hear that we Democrats are supposed to be pulling for Perry to win that nomination, but I’m not at all sure I want to see my gentle, erudite President savaged by King Kong in a hairpiece.


    • I have heard that in Texas, when comparing Perry to his predecessor, Bush is referred to as “the smart one.” And I recall someone writing during the ’04 presidential campaign that listening to Bush trying to form an intelligible sentence is like watching an elephant knit. There is no mystery as to the mutual inability of Republicans and Democrats to communicate: the Dems present the facts, frame their arguments and negotiate English, when they should be using pop-up books, brightly colored moving objects and monosyllabic flash cards and perhaps extend the Tea Baggers’ notorious collectively short attention span long enough to permit a seed of rational thought to enter and grow. But, I despair of this ever coming to pass. Not only are anger, hate, ignorance, even abject stupidity spreading with alarming speed within the party of Lincoln, Eisenhower, Bill Buckley, Nelson Rockefeller, Jake Javits and Chuck Hagel, they are becoming acceptable in the context of political discourse. If the notion of Rick Perry in ANY position of authority causes the hair on the back of your neck to stand up, a review of the following roster of popular and respected Republican icons may pose a serious threat to your health: Michele Bachman (and Marcus, of course), Sarah Palin (and Todd, of course), Herman Cain, Ron Let-em-Die Paul, M.D., Donald Trump (seriously?), Gov. Scott Walker, Gov. John Kasich, Gov. Rick Scott, Gov. John Baldacci, Gov. Jan Brewer, the entire staff of FOX News, Anne Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Ron Christie, Justice Clarence Thomas, Mitt Romney, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Mitch McConnell (the best argument for term limitations), and hundreds more. The tea baggers constantly cite the Constitution or Declaration of Independence, albeit usually inaccurately, and construe the Founders’ intentions, always inaccurately. What strikes me is that the irony of this clearly escapes them when they openly declare that their first priority is to see that President Obama does not win a second term – First priority? Really? What about the debt that they pretend to be so concerned with? Unemployment? Education? If Mitch McConnell spent as much time doing what he is paid to do as he does making coded speeches in aid of his “first priority,” which no one doubts emanates from the president’s African American heritage, he might actually advance the intentions of the Founders. Finally, a word to “Mister Robert” and his ilk: Take a pill, get some therapy, exercise those demons; if you lost the election for Grand Exalted if you had a miserable childhood and/or come from a dysfunctional family; if you married your sister and after the twins were born she left you for a 19 year old plumber with a butt crack, and yesterday the revenuers smashed your still – whatever it is that makes you so unhappy, either shut-up or get over it. Then you may join the conversation. By the way, next time cecession comes up, go for it!!!


  2. so lets see. bush was a chimp. erin burnett called him the monkey in the middle, perry is like a chimp, but if you call obama a chimp or monkey you are racist? tell me again why this is ok?


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