The Great GOP Hair Swap

These photos were on the Huffington Post website the other day.

They’re too delicious not to pass along.  (The captions are mine.)

How would the GOP presidential candidates look if they swapped hairstyles?

Michele Bachmann goes for the Jon Huntsman cropped look. You want to pull "Obamacare" out by the roots, do you? Maybe you should look at your own. Time for a touch-up, girlfriend.

Newt Gingrich shows off his frontal lobes with "The Romney." Callista thinks he's hot.

Herman Cain rides tall in the saddle like Gov. "Goodhair" Perry. Maybe he should check the saddlebags to see if the Merck lobbyists left some cash.

Jon Huntsman luxuriates in the liberty of Ron Paul's locks. Maybe now he'll feel free enough to say what he really thinks about his opponents.

Rick Perry gets in touch with his feminine side with Michele Bachmann's crowning glory. Quick, get out the Gardasil!

Mitt Romney tries Newt Gingrich's bangs on for size. Callista thinks he's hot.

Ron Paul takes a trip in the "Wayback Machine" to his younger days with Rick Santorum's swept-back look.

Rick Santorum asks for five toppings on his pizza while sporting Hermain Cain's head-hugging do.

13 thoughts on “The Great GOP Hair Swap

  1. These are fabulous! I don’t know which I like best. There’s something about stripping away the “do’s” they’ve so carefully coiffed that makes them look less cocky. (And we can certainly do with less of that!)


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