Bachmann’s Campaign Donations Drying Up Faster Than Her Ovaries

Here’s Michele Bachmann’s latest campaign video, shot next to a plastic plant that looks like something out of “The Addams Family” (remember Cleopatra, the meat-eating plant?) and done without a lapel mic so the sound resembles two tin cans with a string attached.  Enjoy!

14 thoughts on “Bachmann’s Campaign Donations Drying Up Faster Than Her Ovaries

  1. Whoa–there was a segue there between “special favors” and “sexually transmitted diseases” that snapped my head around. Must have been a trick of the acoustics.

    On the FOX News/Google debate (Bedfellows? Must I give up Google now?), one of the last questions asked each of the nine candidates (I’m pulling for thirteen before long) to pair themselves with a running mate. Silly question. I’m sure the corporations who own these candidates will arrange those marriages for them.


  2. Ah, yes, “the unifying choice” who does not support choice. She hasn’t quit her Congressional post yet, so I don’t want her out of the race. I will be so disappointed if she comes back here to “represent” me again. It has been wonderful to see her out and about and disgusting other people throughout the country. I don’t want her back-keep her on the campaign trail until AFTER she resigns her seat. I might even send her money to ensure that.


  3. Mickey Bee could take a stand against crony capitalism by refusing to accept corporate contributions, contributions from corporate PACs, contributions from PACs that accept corporate contributions,….
    But of course she won’t.


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