People of WalMart Form PAC for Christie: “He’s Just Like Us!”

This just in—The People of WalMart have formed a political action committee for Gov. Chris Christie to urge him to run for the presidency of the United States.  The new fundraising committee has taken the name FATPAC for Christie.

Well-placed sources tell me that members of the new PAC are excited because, not since William Howard Taft, have we had a president who (in their words) “so closely represents the citizenry of this country.”

“Finally,” says Elrod C. Pflugpucker, FATPAC’s official spokesman, “we’ll have someone in the White House again who understands the average American’s basic needs and wants:  a scooter in every house and the federal defunding of Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and NutriSystem.”

Mr. Pflugpucker went on to say that Mitt Romney was wrong when he said he would bring back to the White House the bust of Winston Churchill.

“Chris Christie will bring back President Taft’s bathtub.”

3 thoughts on “People of WalMart Form PAC for Christie: “He’s Just Like Us!”

  1. I caught so much hell the last time I tried posting on adiposity, I’m half ascared to say anything. In all seriousness, though, the presidency is hell on health; that SHOULD be a consideration for Christie, but I bet it ain’t. He’s just been dangling bait, waiting for the BIG money to weigh in.


    • Thanks, Nance, for being brave enough to comment!

      Yes, you’re right—the health of a presidential candidate (any candidate) should be something that figures into the equation. John McCain had to answer questions regarding his age and multiple bouts with melanoma; Michele Bachmann recently faced reservations about her debilitating migraines; Herman Cain (if he goes any higher in polling) will undoubtedly have his Stage 4 colon and liver cancer diagnosis scrutinized. And Ron Paul…well, besides his age (75)…he’s just plain nuts.


  2. Saw a news column today that said if Christie was a woman, no one would be having a conversation about wanting him to run.

    In other news, I see that Sarah Palin is just about ready to announce what she’s going to do.


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