7 thoughts on “More Bad Lipreading with…Michele Bachmann

  1. Nothing makes me happier than seeing Michele ( break a tree root up in her shrimp!) crawl down the polls, unless it’s watching Herman Cain claw his way over Rick Perry. Now, must go to Bad Lip Reading website and see if they’ve got a Herman Cain for me. Did you see him on Lawrence O’Donnell?


    • I didn’t catch that show but read about it on the Huffington Post. I have to say, though, that Cain shouldn’t have been badgered by O’Donnell about heeding his father’s advice to “go to the back of the bus and stay out of trouble” when he was a young man. I recently read “Black Like Me” and it was an eye-opening first-hand story about what it was really like for blacks in the 1960’s. Lawrence O’Donnell is an intelligent guy and I usually like watching his show but sometimes he embarrasses me when he belabors the point, especially in his “Rewrite” section. When that happens, I often change the channel and watch HGTV instead.


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