Charlton Heston He Ain’t

Here’s candidate Rick Perry’s wife, Anita, reflecting on her husband being “called by God” to run for the presidency:

“She likened Perry’s decision to run to encountering a “burning bush,” a reference to the Biblical story of Moses receiving a sign from God. And Anita Perry suggested that her husband’s current difficulties were a “test.”

“Last week, someone came up to Rick and gave him the scripture. He said “Rick, I want to tell you God is testing you,” she said.”

And, not unlike Gov. Goodhair’s time at Texas A & M, he’s making C’s and D’s.

And that “burning bush”?  I think that was the state of Texas this past summer.

Just sayin’.

9 thoughts on “Charlton Heston He Ain’t

  1. Why oh why does Anita think that her husband’s ignorance, narcissism and vague knowledge of how government works is a sign from god? With all the things going on in the universe why is god taking time out of his busy schedule to call out incompetent American politicians to be POTUS.

    Anita needs to go sit down.


  2. The man acts like he’s in shock in the debates. He looks dumber and dumber in each one. Let’s have more of them. In SC, the primaries are open, which means, as a registered Democrat, I’m going to get to vote for the person I’d most like to see run against Mr. Obama. I thought Michele would get my vote, but, the longer these debates go on, the more inclined I am to vote for Perry, the SC favorite.

    Speaking of bushes, I saw a picture of Laura Bush the other day and she looks younger than she did when George was elected. It was eerie!


  3. I’d really rather not think about anyone’s bushes, thank you – burning or not – especially that of Perry’s wife.


  4. On a recent visit to SC, Perry’s wife said, “It is a comfort to know that I am in this place where I can feel the presence of God.” She went on to say that Perry has been “brutalized” by their opponents because of his faith.

    So, if anyone wants to know where to find God…apparently she is in South Carolina.


    • Texas, unfortunately, has no term limits on holding the governorship. (There used to be limits but those were removed in 1869.) So, it looks like we’re saddled with this knothead for at least four more years. He could very well become the Idi Amin of the Lone Star state: Governor for Life.


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