10 thoughts on “Merry Chrysalis,Y’all!

  1. Thank you and back at you. All best wishes for all the best that might be for you and your Mom in this coming year. That, and thanks for letting me rant on your blog a bit. Thank you for that. I have been (not enjoying, not the right word) living with the choices that you have had to make with your Mom about her day to day living experience. I’m following you and doing the same dance in a slightly slower and a few years different place and time. All best wishes for the best moments that you will choose to remember in the coming year and for years after that. Love, and hugs.


  2. Right back atcha!!

    Hope things get a little easier with your momma because it gets hard to find your roles reversed. Just keep on keeping on.

    May your Christmas be filled with family, friends, food, and fun.

    (And keep those blogging fingers nimble. We need a place to find a little sanity in this crazy world.)


  3. And a very Merry Christmas to you Texas! And to y’all’s y’alls!

    (I think I now qualify as ‘southren’, so I dare use that construction. Don’t correct me please. I”m begging.)


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