I thought this was a great quote from our local Democratic party newsletter:

“Mitt Romney is like a giant hairball that the Republican Party cat is trying to cough up. It can’t swallow it, but it can’t get rid of it either.”

                                                                             Howard Fineman, on MSNBC

5 thoughts on “Kackkkk!

  1. Somehow that beats what Seamus RMoney did on the top of Willard’s car on the 12-hour trip to Canada. Not to mention that he went AWOL once he got there.
    Poor dog can’t take Mitten’s driving, I guess.


  2. I expect Mittens will get the nomination, but if he fails to do so, and it goes to one of his crackpottier rivals, what an insult to the GOP’s sole qualified candidate who has spent the last four years of his life and millions of his own moolah for that coveted seal of party approval that just might elude him. I’m sure Seamus would give a happy woof over that from doggie Heaven.


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