Yes, Virginia…It Sure as Hell Is a Big Deal

Quote of the day about the Virginia legislature’s bill which would force women to have a trans-vaginal ultrasound before an abortion:

Abortion legislation was a “tiny part” of the larger body of hundreds of bills in play in the legislature, State Senator Steve Martin said. “It’s simply not a primary focus,” he said. “It only appears to be because people call me from New York newspapers acting as if it’s some big deal.”

Yes, Senator Martin, it is a huge deal—if you’re a woman.

Here in the Great, Reactionary State of Texas, we already have a similar law.

I found this graphic on the website Burnt Orange Report in an article published last year called HB15–A Trans-vaginal Ultrasound Wand in Every Woman!

(Just substitute Virginia for Texas.)

14 thoughts on “Yes, Virginia…It Sure as Hell Is a Big Deal

  1. HA-HA-HA! Can you imagine the uproar if these “men” had to undergo a similar procedure? Why don’t they just go away and leave us women the hell alone…..


  2. Oh, don’t even f*cking get me STARTED! I’ve been hopped up about this – and all the other dumbassery the republicans are pushing – for about a year now. November can’t come fast enough – get in there and vote ALL the asshats out of office. ALL. OF. THEM.


  3. It is okay to force religious beliefs on others, as long as it is YOUR religion being forced on someone else. We are headed toward a right-wing Evangelical Christian theocracy. And many people don’t seem to realize that yet. Be afraid. Be very afraid-think AlQueda, but with right-wing radical Christians rather than right-wing, radical Muslims. There’s not much difference for those who have differing beliefs.


  4. i’m about to get pretty noisy. i absolutely cannot believe that this has become a ‘public health conversation’. get out of my twat, folks! i’ll stay out of your undercrackers if you stay outta mine!


  5. I have a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that it’s 2012 and these reactionary hypocrites, who I am sure are probably all cheating on their wives left, right and center, think up this kind of crap as yet another way to abuse their power and dominate women. They almost make me physically ill.


  6. Thank you for this blog! Shared on our FB page – 1 Million Sluts Against Rush Limbaugh. Keep up the great posts!! 🙂


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