Note from the Eldercare Underground:   Escrow, Suspicion, and Random Acts of Kindness

For those of you who wished me well when I put my mother’s house on the market, I have news.

It sold—in two days.  Wow.

And, we had two offers on it–both at or near the asking price.  We went with a couple who had been looking at old houses in town for several years.  They live on a ranch west of here and wanted a weekend get-away place in our historic area.  They had no conditions attached to the offer and didn’t come back with any repair requests after they had an inspection of my mother’s 1910 era home.

Can’t beat a deal like that.

We closed escrow today, less than a month after accepting the offer.


On the suspicion front, the manager of The Hotel (retirement center) had asked me what I thought about possibly moving my mother to another room closer to the nurses’ station in the front. 

The nurses and aides have to hoof it down to her room at the end of one of the halls so often to “coax” her to do things (like eat in the dining room) and it would make their lives easier to be able to just pop into her room.

I can certainly understand their reasoning, but I knew, if asked, my mother would automatically say “no”—to me.

That’s pretty much a given with her.  I don’t think I can remember many things she has acceded to right away when I’m the one asking. 

The old “coax me” thing, again.

So.  When I broached the topic to her last week, not surprisingly, she said she didn’t want to move.

On Tuesday I had to take her to the doctor and I stopped in first to check with Sandra.  I asked her if she had spoken with my mother and she said she had asked her if she would be agreeable to moving.

She said my mother replied with:

“Was this my daughter’s idea?”

Sandra had to laugh, but she told her “No, this was my idea!”

As it turns out, the room near the nurses’ station had already been earmarked for a new gentleman, so we are in a holding pattern about switching for now.

As long as it isn’t my idea.

Random acts of kindness—My husband and I were at Walmart after closing escrow on the house today. 

(No, we weren’t going on a spending spree with the proceeds.) 

He had to get a new internet router for our computer after a recent lightning strike right over our house fried our modem and our satellite TV receiver.  The router has been a little iffy so we figured we’d start afresh—until the next bolt from the heavens.

Maybe God isn’t a big blog fan.

We were at the checkout behind an elderly lady who was in one of their motorized scooters.  I overheard her exclaim “thank you!” several times to someone, but wasn’t close enough to be in on what had occurred.

After we checked out and were walking to our car, we came upon this same lady, who was struggling to get out of her scooter.  She had several bags in its basket and we offered to help her put them in her car.

She thanked us for our offer, and while we were doing that she said “Do you know, the lady who was in front of me in line paid for my groceries!  I don’t even know her, but she paid $21 for everything I was buying.”

She went on to say that it made her feel good that there still were kind and caring people in the world.

Amen, sister.

11 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. So happy for you on the sale of the house — and so quickly. WOW – I live in a condo, where we have had 2 vacancies for over 1 year. Finally one was sold last month, and we are now getting some new neighbors in a couple of days at the 2nd one. Glad we will not be responsible/splitting ‘condo fees’ with the 2 empties. :o)

    BTW — I just love your wonderful, well-written stories – especially the ones about your Mother — Hope you are planning on putting all these together some time, and writing a book. That would surely be a best-seller.

    Thanks for all the fun reading — have a wonderful day and weekend.


  2. That is great about the house, not that I’m surprised. It was a really sweet little home. And I like your other stories too. Your mother is sounding more and more like my mother-in-law…


  3. I’m very pleased to hear that your mom’s house sold in record time. All of your husband’s hard work paid off. Give that man a premium beer! It was great that you shared those pictures of it with us. It looked lovely to me. As for your inability to ever win with your pistol of a mom, she truly cracks me up. She is the classic tough cookie. Random acts of kindness like the one you encountered at Walmart are unheard of up here in Gotham City, but a woman that stepped on my foot on the subway this morning actually said, “Excuse me,” which was pretty shocking. I’d normally expect someone to yell at me for putting my foot in their way.


  4. great news on the house! could it be that there is recovery in the housing market? now, if gas prices could bottom out somewhere around november, there’s a chance that those who only vote their pocketbook can swing an election!


  5. Would you send your husband to NC to work on our beach house? We want to sell it. Doesn’t have to be sold in two days. A week would be fine.

    You sure you don’t want to write a book about *@)! My Mother Says About Me?
    Did she have you pegged as a devious smarty pants when you were a child?

    Congratulations on getting the house sale behind you. I know that’s a load off your mind.

    Oh… my mother-in-law has the room near the nurses station. It is also next to the dining room. Think she ever goes in there to eat? Nope.


  6. I am really, honestly, no foolin’, sweartogawd, happy for you guys that the house sold so well. Now, come on over to my place and sprinkle some pixie dust, please. We’re pitiful lately in the home sale department.

    Yo mama is somethin’ else, honey.


  7. good news about the house..and if you want her to move closer to the nurses station ..tell her the doc’s thought it would be a better idea as she’d be closer if there was a health related emergency they could get to her faster..might work..
    acts of kindness..just love it.


  8. Yup, It’s all funny until it’s not. We each do the best we can, all of the time. Hang in there, enjoy the fun times, work with the staff, give up and play in her denial range. Grandmom asked “Did you see Herold?”, her husband of 60 years, dead for the last ten of them. “Sure Gram, saw him on the way in here, he’s just moving the car. What’s new with you?” It’s a curse and a blessing in some ways.

    Dementia runs strong on both side of my bloodlines. I’m 57 and it scares me that I don’t remember so many things.


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