12 thoughts on “Giving the Old “Yoot” the Boot

  1. Congratulations and Happy Hysterectomy Day! Many happy returns; if you find any leftover tampons, send them my way…


  2. We both have a shelf of “I’ll read these when I have my hysterectomy” books. Sadly, and alas, we’ve each gotten past that point of time and place without the 6 weeks off for recovery reading time. Some of those books are now outdated, some will never be read at all. Our next best guess for those shelves are with the “when we retire” books. Here’s hoping.


    • Wow, I wish I’d had 6 weeks recovery time. I foolishly went back to work after a little over 2 weeks, and then was sidelined for a week by a suture abscess. The doctor I worked for should have given me more time, but he wasn’t big on employee “perks.” You didn’t call in sick—you called in dead.


  3. When my mother was in the hospital to have a hysterectomy in 1974, a friend asked me, “Why’s your mom in the hospital?” I said, “She’s getting spade.” I was such a sensitive daughter … Congrats on your 15-year anniversary and may you have many more (uh, anniversaries — not hysterectomies).


  4. Twenty-eight years ago for me. Once I recovered from the surgery (never get a hysterectomy at an Air Force Base hospital), I woke up every morning thinking, “Dang, I feel good this morning! So, this is what men feel like!”


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