Happy…Uh, What Was That Again?

Note from the Eldercare Underground: 

Age is all relative.  Or all your relatives are aged.  Whatever.

Well, the good news is my mother was pretty close today on guessing her correct age.  You’ll remember she had speculated before that her age was anywhere from 300 years to 3,000—with her latest estimate at Sunday’s visit that she’s 32. 

I guess that makes me my own grandma.

So today when I went to visit her, she again asked me how old she was.

My standard answer has been, “How old do you think you are?”

She said with confidence, “I’m 93.”

I told her that was almost correct since she isn’t officially going to be 93 until September.  But still….not bad.

Then, by way of trying to keep up my end of the conversation, I said brightly,

My birthday is this Sunday.  I’m going to be 65!”

To which she replied, “So what?”

If you think about it, 65 doesn’t sound like much when you’re pushing 300.

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