4 thoughts on “(Von) Ryan’s Express

  1. He’s 42. He’s young, hasn’t been divorced yet, hasn’t had a close family member die, you know, the one without health insurance. He’s not only immortal he think’s he’s right, all of the time. “Lo, unto him”, when he wants/needs Viagra. Under his plan, he won’t have access, oh! wait, he’s on that special plan that the polticians have, cradle to grave from day one “in service to country”. Bullshit, let’s stop that nonsense right now. If he can’t have that little blue pill he can’t f*** any one person (probably female) but he can certainly do that to the rest of us. Sure, I want him in charge. Somehow the nomination of Paul Ryan for VP makes Joe Biden look like an elder statesman. He must be good, making Joe Biden look like a statesman isn’t at all that easy. Just sayin’


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