I Am One of the 47%

According to Mitt Romney, I am one of the 47% of American citizens he considers a moocher and a victim because I receive Social Security  (WHICH I PAID INTO FOR YEARS) and Medicare benefits from the government.

And on top of that, he thinks if his Dad had been born of Mexican parents, Mitt would have a lot easier time gettin’ hisself elected.  But, wouldn’t that just bring up the whole “birther” thing again?

Huh.  Don’t that beat all…




6 thoughts on “I Am One of the 47%

  1. As a member of the 53%, I hope and pray this video of a candid speaking Mittens jawboning in a room full of fellow swells will dog him all the way to election day loser-ville. Dog him like how he mistreated Seamus.


  2. I believe there are a LOT more ‘47%ers’ than 47%. I am also one of ‘them’ — receiving Social Security, as well as Medicare — which like everyone else, I paid for/into for many, many years, since I was 17yo!!!!

    All of us, who do receive these “Government Handouts” probably add up to more, and, who want NOTHING at all to do with this greedy, better-than-everyone, nasty, etc., nit-twit-mitt — what a complete and total JERK!! Certainly not, in any way, very, or even at all, presidential.


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