Made My Freakin’ Day

This morning, after 45 minutes of Zumba class, I was standing underneath one of the overhead fans trying to cool down a little before I ventured back into the women’s shower area.

Most of the time they keep it pretty chilly in there but sometimes something has gone awry with the venting system and it feels like a tropical rainforest.

When that happens I swear I can hear poisonous tree frogs croaking, although it may only be the elderly lady in the next stall humming a tune from “Pat Boone’s Greatest Hits.”

As I stood under the blessed coolness of the fan, my Zumba instructor came up to me and said, “I just have to tell you.  You have the nicest legs!  I wish mine looked like yours.”

Whoa!  This from the woman that all of us older gals would trade our left nipple to look like—tall, thin, long-waisted, perfectly proportioned, and she’s had four kids.

She asked me if I would mind telling her my age, and I don’t mind, so I told her– “I’m 65.”

She’s 34.

Made my freakin’ day.

22 thoughts on “Made My Freakin’ Day

  1. Love it! I am 64 also and no one is going to compliment my legs, but I do try to make the effort. Occasionally, anyway. I went to the gym yesterday to try a “free” personal training session. Excellent trainer, excellent workout – sore and tired me.


    • Good for you—keep at it. I’ve been going to our Wellness Center for a little over a year now and when I miss a few days (like last week when I had a cold) I can tell the difference. Taking the Zumba class has been great, too, because you have that extra motivation from the instructor and the other people in the class. We have all ages—from teens to a few in their early seventies.


  2. Glad it made YOUR day Texas – it frackin’ RUINDED mine! (not your fault actually, I made the mistake of looking in a full length mirror after shower this morning. Not a thing I recommend.)


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