7 thoughts on “Payback Time

  1. I’m sure karma played a role in Mitten’s defeat. How arrogant to have only written one speech! I suppose if you have an elevator for your car, your mind works differently than that of someone in touch with that place called The Real World.


      • Whew! That’s a relief. I had to laugh when you mentioned the bag in the tree. I almost asked you about that in my previous comment. We should all be so resilient. Bag power! (And that goes for old bags like me, too.)


      • I reside on Manhattan’s Upper West Side which is uptown. I never lost power nor was there any flooding in my neighborhood. My friends that reside downtown were subject to the hardships of the blackout that brought lower Manhattan to a virtual standstill. The tree behind my apartment uprooted, but fell in such a way no homes were damaged. The tree with the bag in the branch still has that same bag in that branch. The bag has such staying power I am resigned to the reality that it is going to outlast me. I have told Milton that I’m suffering some survivor’s guilt over having gotten off so easy, but he insists that I shouldn’t. He is certain that we’ll pay dearly when a tsunami takes Manhattan next time.


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